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Monday, 28 September 2015

hide or not to hide

I tatted again the wheel in 3 colours, but this time I left 2 tails at the start and used them to connect the last ring. I like it better.  
Muskaan previously commented to hide the pink thread under the last half stitch of purple rings (mentioning a suggestion by Judith Connors about another motif somewhere), but actually I like how the pink peeks out. What do you think?

The other city we visited this summer was Milano, we were among all those huge number of people that visited Expo, I've heard that one quarter of Italians did the same. I've some photo to share from Milano, too.
 Here it was the Duomo of Milano, routine maintenance, of course...

 ... and that was Hungary Pavilion for Expo, there was a loom and people who were spinning.

We managed to be at Expo only one day, too short time because it's enormous. We could queue into those pavilions with few people wishing to enter in, we couldn't go inside Italy's or Japan's for example, I've heard that 2 Saturdays ago it required hours (from 3 to 7!) to enter in!



  1. Why do you want to put everyone in a "spot", Ninetta ;-P
    The bare threads in 2 colours seem to give an interweaving effect .
    I merely wondered whether that tip would work and how..... I approach every project I see as a learning opportunity, trying to combine, associate, tweak, relate, .... and I know I can be free with you :-)

    1. Oh, and that church is ethereal almost ! Marble ? Has a fragile look about it.

    2. No doubts I love tips from everywhere and your about this motif it is on the todo list, me too I wonder if and how it works :-) every piece it is a learning opportunity, agree - please don't stop feeling free here :-) -- yes, it is marble.

  2. I love that wheel pattern, and I am a big fan of the single threads with rings what makes this different and fun is the two colors and 2 single threads following each other. It is beautiful.


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