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Friday, 5 August 2016

the long lasting last

This is going to be a long lasting round... just letting my mathematical soul come to light, if I tatted 3 repetition each evening, I would finish in 13 days. That's unlikely to happen, as I've two other "things" on the go, plus another week out, visiting relatives and friends. So I'm resigned, this year "spring" ends in September! Nice to think about it, refreshing thought, with outside temperatures higher than 30C°!
That was the situation on Wednesday: 5 repetition. Two days after only 3 repetition more:
I've also started sewing my zippered pouches and tatting a collar for a friend, in thick thread for one of her traditional costumes - handmade by her -, this time she needs one meter and half for September. Pattern is from "Frivolitky" by Milena Tomkova:
There's a couple of drawings in my notebook that call me back to the designing mood, but they must wait, for the moment, at least till the end of this long lasting Spring2016.

 Hej då! 
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  1. No matter how long it takes, that row is outstanding! Will you be able to show us the collar on the traditional dress? That would be interesting.

  2. You doily is wonderful and making the last round in white is perfect. You are still way further than me and I too have a note book that hasn't been opened in a while and when I finish this doily I am going to hold off on tatting others patterns so I can do mine I love so many but really have to get around to mine. I guess I better stop going on a tangent :)

    1. Your doily is stunning and the 16th round is fast, you will easily catch up with me

  3. Both projects look fabulous!!! :) I hope you get them done when you want or need them done!! :)

  4. Spring is Always welcome, no matter how long it stays :-)))
    Both are so pretty !!! :X
    I'm cheating on the last round, hence it might go a bit faster ;-P Finished 8 repeats y'day, plus 2 that I had to cut out. But only because we ordered in dinner leaving me with no kitchenwork !

  5. Sounds like you have your hands full of projects. Very nice doily, love how your mind works to calculate the time to get done, perhaps you could give yourself a reward for more than 4 repeats a day.

  6. That Spring doily will be a master piece when you have finished it, an heirloom for years to come
    Your collar will look amazing when finished will she let us see the dress with it on.

  7. I love the way you are finishing the doily, and I, too, hope to see the collar in place. Of course, I'm always eager to see what you come up with when you get back to your design ideas.

  8. Trzymam kciuki za szybki koniec wiosennej serwety.


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