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Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Everybody knows that diamonds' are a girl's best friend, not rhombuses... but you need to make do with what you have, and it happens that I've got lots of bugle beads.
Thread is Finca light gold (Hilo Metalizado, 1000mts, Presencia Hilaturas), double strand, 35% Polyester and 65% Viscose. I wound together two strands of this.

Pattern is easy-peasy, insert all bugle beads in one shuttle and use 2 shuttles CTM. For one bracelet I loaded 32 beads and then pull off about 120cm of thread and loaded the second shuttle. I tatted a ring of 12ds, using the shuttle loaded with beads, then started the line of split rings. Beaded split rings: put 2 bugle beads in the loop around the hand, then tat one ds, slide one bead from the shuttle then tat 2ds, then slide another bead from the shuttle and tat one ds; for the second side of the split ring, tat 1ds, get one bead from the loop, 2ds, get the second bead and finish with one ds. Close the split ring.

Да пабачэння!
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  1. Very effective! I have some bugle beads lurking somewhere....

  2. W-)
    Yes, a girl can never have enough diamonds !
    Love the effect !

  3. So clever and so cute!!
    Katie V in NC

  4. Very cute pattern and sorry I am so late checking your post I have had grandchildren over and no time for my fun of tatting and blogging. Love this and will give it a try soon!

  5. Sorry I am late commenting, I had hubby in hospital for a week,
    I like your pattern a clever way to use beads
    Thanks for sharing it

  6. I do like these! Thanks again for sharing the pattern! :-)


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.