Tuesday, 31 January 2017


That's how I'm trying to sort it out, even those joins in the inner row of the border seem barely fathomable in this moment:
I like that froufrou look, very vintage. I've shortened few picots and one corner of my edging is almost completed, I need one wheel and one flower. I played again with the zoom I took from the pfd file, trying to figure out the inner row.

Priscilla's words: "Along the inner edge of the border, make a double row of rings (each of 7ds, 7pp separated by 2ds, 7ds, close) joined by the first picot, and the outer row joined to the wheels and four-leaved figures..."
Well, I'm always puzzled by the word "join" put there as though you were sitting side by side aunt Priscilla while she was tatting and chatting. I can see the rings joined to the wheels by 2 or 3 picots up there, aren't they?

I think I should tat all corners first, then I'll think about it.



  1. It's going to look wonderful and I think your idea to do the corners first is the best idea.

  2. I have been studying it and looks like the joins are made at only the very top of the ring of your double ring row. meaning number 4 picot is joined that is why you seem to see lots of fluffy picots and wondering is any of them joined, I still love her work and it's timeless beauty you are doing wonderful and let me know what you think :)

  3. The instructions are as clear as mud, which gives you plenty of scope for figuring! I love the vintage frou frou look, it's well worth reviving.

  4. I love froufrou too! :-)
    I've been meaning to make a big piece with that sort of tatting for a long time... still on my "to-do" list though.

  5. To answer your question, after much peering into a larger zoooooom - It appears that the wheels are joined only at one picot as in the written instructions (look for the stretched picot). The long picots are only complicating the image.
    But the 4-ring motifs are joined twice - once to each adjacent ring on the border.
    Whichever path you take, I'm sure Aunt Priscilla will be pleased :-) Aunties are never too strict with their creative nieces ;-P

  6. Bardzo piękna i misterna jest ta frywolitka.


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