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Friday, 6 January 2017


That's the time good resolutions for the new year spread all around, but today I just like posting about hopes of peace. I think that love is important in our lives, but mostly I hope at least the peace for everyone.

Today we celebrate the Befana, the same day of Epiphany that I learnt it is the most ancient Christian feast. The old ugly woman gives gifts to good children and those who didn't behave would have coal instead 😲 (but some pieces of really good black sugar are sold! You sweet tooth may want to google for "sugar coal").

I hope you had relaxing holidays and for those who had to cook/clean/host, I hope you enjoyed your families and friends too. I've been visiting relatives and friends and had few time for tatting. I spent most of the tatting time for playing again with bugle beads, those are more "snowflakes", well they would have been snowflakes if tatted in white!

Ah! One good resolution could be tatting more of these for next year xmas' gifts!

The next one is the adaptation of a squared pattern that is from a booklet "Selezione Tricot - Il Chiacchierino", 1990.
I hope you'll make numbers out in the next picture. I started with the inner row with block tatting, then climbed up to the round with rings and chains, then finished with the row all chains.
I also tatted a pair of big black earring, it is for a gift, pattern and colour was chosen by my friend. Pattern is from the magazine "Il mio chiacchierino" Aprile/Maggio 2014 (patterns are by Daniela Di Marzio and Alda Bonaldi Bodini). I find black very difficult to tat, but I do hope in 2017 to use up the big cone that I bought!
But first, I should finish the Falbalà doily and start the Priscilla edging. I hope so.

P.S. I nearly forgot to say thank you to Karen who just put a video about those curled inside rings: Lesson 165 - Curled-in rings. Thank you sweet Karen! My original post is here:

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  1. Your colored snowflakes are so beautiful! Wow!

  2. My oh my that is a lot of black thread to use up. There will be many many earrings. Great use of bugle beads.

  3. Wow your work is always a joy to see and sorry I have not been blogging as much!

  4. Gorgeous snowflakes, thank you for the pattern,
    I look forward to seeing your new ideas, I can't tat black my eyes are not good enough in winter, now the treatment has worked I might try again in the summer when the light is better.

  5. I forgot to say, I will look for the video, the curled rings are on my to do list.

    1. All your tatting is so beautiful and your use of bugle beads inspiring, love the way they sparkle. Celebrated Epiphany this morning and enjoy hearing customs from other countries. Peace we so need peace in the world

  6. Peace is a good thing to wish for. Your work with bugle beads is just superb!

  7. WOW. Your tatting always a treat to see --- and the bugle style beads are incredible! Job well done.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.