Tuesday, 28 February 2017

another snowflake with bugle beads

I'm still playing with bugle beads, here is another motif, its size is like a little coaster:

Bugles for this pattern are 4mm. I also tatted another one with longer beads(light blue) and last round cups a little:

It's nice even without the last 2 rounds:

and here it is the stitches' count, mainly for me so I don't forget 😊 Two shuttles CTM. Twelve beads are used in the centre and loaded in one shuttle, then the second shuttle is loaded with 66 beads and used (core thread) from the second round on. First round in centre is a flower with rings, then I climbed up with a split ring, then each round climbed up with a sort of split chain, as showed in the previously shared video (see post sbrilluccicante).

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  1. Stunning! Really effective. The bugle beads on the shuttle were easier to work with than I imagined, when I made your butterflies, but you must have a big shuttle for so many bugle beads in this design?

  2. Those are all completely awesome!!! :) I love the differences and the colors seem to almost change it a bit too!! And the one on the pattern with 2 colors is another fabulous change!!! :)

  3. So very gorgeous I am a big fan of your tatting they all look so royal to me :) Thank you for the directions!

  4. Very beautiful! Thanks for the pattern. 😊

  5. Beautiful thank you for sharing the pattern, gorgeous work


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