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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

a fair exchange

Someone could possibly remember those simple necklaces that I made in 2012, there's a photo in Flickr:

simple necklaces

Stitches' numbers are in the next photo:
simple necklaces' patterns

And the tutorial to tat the simple flower around the metallic ring is here:

tutorial easy flower

Well, now it happened that one of these and the "fragile and plasticky" earrings , both went to a talented friend. As an exchange, she's given me a lovely front door welcome, that is an heart decorated with flowers and strawberries (I forgot to take a photo), and a little yellow frame with tiny pots and plants made with a ceramic paste (don't ask me what it is, I have no idea!). She has learned how to tat, but she loves making many different crafts. The yellow frame is now hanging in my kitchen:

Lately I've tatted some black earrings in a very thick polyester thread, in fact another friend asked for a simple black look and I tested many different patterns, something old and some else made up, the last one is this version:

I think it would be better with colored beads, but in Italian we say "il mondo è bello perchè è vario" (I found that it is similar to "it takes all kinds to make a world"), thanks God we all have different taste.
The next is a pair of earring that I like, the center is from a pattern called "seahorse" from the book "Tatting patterns" by Mary Konior. That's a lovely book, many taking tatting motifs, edging (with corners, for those who wonder), braids and little doilies. I wish I could tat everything!

I didn't follow a pattern for the outer round, but luckily I had written it down to tat the second one.
Threads are dmc moulinè 100% polyester E168 and E436, same thread used in the earrings that I showed in a previous post (medallions) and I'm wearing them in this moment.

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  1. Your friend 's gift is very lovely and you are so talented I have some of you lovely gifts with tiny Prefectly tatted earrings, I wish everyone could hold your tatting works. Love you new earrings too💟😄💟

  2. Fabulous tatted jewelry! You could always tat another pair like the black ones with a bit more bling.

  3. Thank you Carollyn and Jane <3

  4. I love all your flower necklaces and earrings!! :)
    And your other earrings look great!!! :)

  5. Love your jewellery
    Your black earrings are lovely perhaps with some gold beads woukd Bing them up

  6. Thank you Sue and Margaret!


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.