Tuesday, 27 June 2017

had nice days

I spent last week tatting more cabochons, they're such fun, I tried some different options and rummaged through my buttons' stash, but did you know that almost all of them are those which have that ring behind? So, what do you think, is the back of the earrings acceptable? Beg your pardon, I need time to tat something else that can "use" that ring...

I like having all beads already loaded in the shuttle. I've made another very short video, about the way I put beads in picots, they need to be a little loose because those picots are going to be used as joining picot. Please, I love reading your comments.This is the link:

On Sunday I went with friends, to the National Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions, which is in Rome (EUR). It was the "International Lace Day 2017" (there's a group in facebook with the same name plus the word ITALIA, you can go there to find some pictures) and I enjoy meeting others who loves lace. There's a lace exhibition too, until the 9th of July it will be open.

Old bobbin laces were in a glass showcase, those are just bits of the enormous collection (thousands of pieces) owned by the museum, unfortunately not always visible to visitors and they not always let you take pictures, they let us do it just because of the international lace event.


I was prepared to meet only bobbin lacers but as soon as I entered in a big room, a nice smiling girl looked at me, I was wearing a blue top with tatting sewed on, and she introduced herself as a Canadian tatter! The surprise was not only just for me, in fact she was there as a tourist, not even knowing about the event. What a lovely happy coincidence! Thank you for your kindness, Stephanie!

During the meeting, in the morning, there was the inauguration of the beautiful exhibition, with amazing bobbin lace designed by Keyko Fukumoto, you may want to watch her video here in Youtube:

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  1. Your earrings are beautiful!!! :)

  2. That was wonderful, to meet another tatter! The lace event sounds well worth a visit. Pretty earrings!

  3. The earrings are beautiful
    What beautiful lace, sounds an interesting day, I would have loved to visit the exhibition and museum

  4. Pretty! Sounds like a worthwhile event. :)

  5. :-h
    wow - Keyko's work is jaw-droppingly gorgeous ! very inspiring. thank you

  6. So nice to meet another tatter and show off your skills, Lovely earrings.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.