Tuesday, 4 July 2017

re-discovering old Chiacchierino

In next picture there's an edging called "Victorian trefoil edging" from the book "Tatting patterns" by Mary Konior.
She wrote that this design is not original, it appeared in "Weldon's Practical Tatting" in 1889 and it's been pretty popular since then and used for underwear. I've adapted it to follow the neckline and to go down and up to have that rectangular shape in the centre. I think I should tat the back of the neck too, but I couldn't wait! So now I'm wearing it as it is 😄
The book is from 1989, a second-hand found in eBay, thanks to Grace that had advised about it in Craftree. A surprise was finding a sweet handwritten mail inside, from "Anne" to "dearest Helen", very personal and touching.
Grace blogs here: Grace Tats

That absolutely helped to recover from the "drop" addiction. I've got a line of covered buttons but I'm not quite happy with them. Now it's a bracelet, but I'm still thinking to disassemble it.

About the edging, I remembered a very similar pattern in an old Italian publication, I've only photocopies of it, not the real magazine. I already blogged about one motif (you can find it here: old and curled). I thought it was by Mani di Fata, but I was wrong, lately I found that it is "Il Chiacchierino, Vol 1", by "Ancora(Anchor) CCC Filati da Ricamo", 1973 (I'm not sure about the date, though). Not so old, then.

So I googled "chiacchierino mani di fata" and fast I found something but very few infos. Next are the best pictures and infos that I've found online, about Edition Mani di Fata issues 1, 2 and 3:
Il Lavoro Chiacchierino (Frivolité), I Album, (1930s ?)
Il Lavoro Chiacchierino (Frivolité), II Album, (1940s ?)
Il Lavoro Chiacchierino (Frivolité), III Album, (1950s ?)
UPDATE - I recently added it to my personal tatting library, publication date is 1967
Prior to these, in Italian Language, there are: the book from 1868 already mentioned here in my blog (link is in the sidebar, free in Google books), the Italian translation of the Encyclopedia by T. de Dillmont (1890s, I've got the anastatic facsimile reprint by Idealibri&DMC, 1989) and the translation of the booklet Tatting by de Dillmont  with the title "Biblioteca DMC - Il chiacchierino", same cover (appeared in 1930?). I can't find anything else in Italian, between second half 1800s and 1930. Please tell me if any of you can help me with better infos.

I've bought books published by Mani di Fata, from n.6 (1991) to the last n.19 (2016).

I'm waiting the "Tatting Patterns and Designs" by Gun Blomqvist, I've bought it at a low price, maybe they are sending the cover page only, I can tell you in ten days I hope. Currently I'm tatting another edging, old pattern again, I'll tell you next week.

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  1. Your shirt looks really good with its edging! I like the white against blue. I have a T. de Dillmont book on my kindle. It's interesting, but really not the same as handling a real book.

  2. Your collar edging is awesome!!! :)
    Your Ice Drop buttons are so pretty!!! :)

  3. Thank you very much Jane and Sue, yes I do like real books, too :-) but there are many old books available online, that's great.

  4. The blouse is beautiful I will have to check my book don't remember this beautiful patern and you as always tat so neatly. How very exciting to have these Italian books that are beautiful and I love looking at the advertisements in these old books I wonder if your books have some in them.🌷🍃🌷

    1. Thanks Carollyn :) the edging is at page 21. I've the feeling that there's many old patterns in my italian books, and always beatiful, now like then 100ys ago

  5. Your shirt turned out beautifully! It looks so perfect and not "old ladyish" which is always my fear. Did you sew it on by hand or machine?

    1. Thank you dear, I sewed by hand and loosely like it was tacking

  6. Love your top, very pretty with edging,
    I was hoping to see more of your ice drops, we gave all become addicts
    I look forward to seeing your latest edging,
    It's lovely to get old copies of tatting books they are getting rarer as the years go by. Hope you will get you latest order ok and it's in good condition


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.