Tuesday, 7 November 2017

winter fan

I put a picture in Flickr, too.

When I showed the fan to my aunt the other day, we started laughing aloud because the fan doesn't work, it makes only a gentle breeze. Too many holes? Gosh! Who said 'yes'? All in all, it's a winter fan! 😄😄😄😄😄😄
That doesn't matter, I'll use it anyway, it won't be framed nor saved for posterity.

It needs its appropriate pochette. Sunday I went to a craft fair in Rome and bought two fat quarters of coloured fabric, I'll sew a tailored container for the fan but I've not yet decided which fabric, and there's another one that I like
I love that one with cats. The fan closes quite well, beads rocailles 15/0 aren't a issue.

That is my shot at the fair, Abilmente Roma. I broke the piggy bank and I also bought some beads and thread of course.
Last year at the same fair I met Alicja Kwartnik, this year there was nothing around about tatting. Sigh!

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  1. Oh, it's absolutely beautiful Ninetta! You can flutter it flirtatiously perhaps, instead of using it to keep cool!

  2. SOOO beautiful! I love it! A treasure for you to use and save.

  3. Wow! Takes me back to Anna Karenina and Russian czarinas -- a gorgeous coquettish accessory ;-P No need to flutter your eye lashes - simply flutter the fan :-D
    It is Truly Spectacular ! :-h

  4. It's amazing! Beautiful! Gorgeous! Who cares if it has a few "holes"! Wow!

  5. What an elegant looking fan.

  6. Ninetta, such a beautiful creation, even if it is not used as a fan it can be a wonderful show piece. Moreover I have never seen such a huge craft festival, I would love to visit.

  7. It's beautiful! I have precisely concerns of fan. Do you have any idea of the size of the thread used?

    1. Thank you Lilas. I've used DMC size 80. This fan is going to be used, of course not everyday. I saw your fan, very delicate and lovely.

    2. Thank you very much Ninetta. I think about it, but the thread I used was too thick. I will try again! Thank you.


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