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Tuesday, 12 February 2019

put to good use

Now, this little doodle is with my mum, I'm sure she already put it to good use. I could tat it again, even though, next time, I think I'd change something, in fact I was trying to get the effect of hearts over hearts, it looks like I got a rose, instead...
It's tatted with 2 shuttles, no cuts from start to end, metallic thread is Finca gold and DMC red.

I've another little project started, but I'm at a point where I don't know what to do,  it's a mignonette doily pattern, with rings that have also treble tatting stitches:
I had to cut out all the last round, it happens! It wasn't for stitches' miscount, but simply because I didn't like it. That is what a design in progress looks like, at times!
In between a rose and a doily,  I'm preparing 4 or 5 tiny purses, those will be surprise gifts for friends, so.... Shh!!!
Pattern for the mignonette purse is by Sandra Hameed, but I put bugle beads till the last round. 
I found the pattern at this link: 

Have you spotted the grey and pink bag in the last picture? It is the "large handcrafted tatting bag", made by Tamie and sold in etsy:
Actually, she sells them at a very reasonable price, if it wasn't for the high shipping costs from USA to Italy! But the sweet Tamie found a way to send a padded pack, to reduce costs, and the bag arrived safe here in two weeks! For once, I splurged!



  1. Hearts and a rose in one, that’s clever. Love the little mignonette bag, sweet.

  2. I love your Hearts Over Hearts Rose(I see those hearts!)!!! :)
    Beautiful start to your doily!! :)
    Cute little purses!! :)

  3. Beautiful heart and just LOVE the little purses.

  4. Is it a Tangled Heart or Tangled Rose ;-P Lovely!
    Cute little purses will look even cuter with mignonette :-)


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