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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

derivatives welcome

My post this week is for the "Endrucks 1920 Project" again. It is a collective project, started by Muskaan (read her last post about it here: ), and I enthusiastically joined in. 

We welcome you to join in, too! All infos and links are in the Endrucks 1920 Project Document, here:

The pattern of that square is just 4 repetitions of the corner that I designed for the frame showed last week (see previous post), a derivative from pattern #30 in the old book. Then, in the centre, I added a flower, one-shuttle pattern, all rings are 6 double stitches between each picot/join.

The centre of the flower was very open, so I thought that it could have helped the technique learned from a very old rosette, that I showed in my very first YouTube video, here:

About YouTube, one more time I send all my heartfelt thanks to all my subscribers! After the age-restrictions, they deleted all old comments and I lost the infos like the date posted, but videos are still there! I started the channel just to share few unassuming videos, sporadically, so I'm glad they are still public and visible!

For tatting the square, I used Lizbeth size 80 thread,  colour 184.


In the next picture, I'm very proud to show you the Swirling Butterflies doily tatted by a Master tatter, Paola Bevilacqua. Thank you very much for letting me post your picture here! You are very welcome in my blog!  

She is well know in Facebook for her beautiful tatting, she showed us her bedspreads (more than one, king-size) and jackets and many classical doilies. Also, she has had solo exhibitions with her tatting,  she can fill up rooms!

I am honoured that two Master tatters accepted to help me, testing the pattern. The other lady is Muskaan, she shared her version in her blog (

Paola used white Ancora size 50 thread and and green is Freccia, size 16 thread.



  1. So it’s a teeny frame with a flower in the middle. Makes a very effective motif! Your swirling butterflies pattern is outstanding, wonderful to see it tatted by master tatters.

  2. Your square is so joyful and looks like the rangoli for Diwali
    Beautiful rendition of the doily!!! I had the opportunity to see some of Paola's work - wow! :-h

  3. Gorgeous square!!! :)
    Wonderful doily!! :)

  4. Beautiful square, I would love to tatt this,
    That is a beautiful doily, wonderful pattern


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