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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

hearts, friends and flower

 Happy late Valentine's Day and thanks to Muskaan for her beautiful "Block Heart"!

She shared it 4 "Valentines" ago! Time flies (but we all know that very well!). Her original post is here:

and the pattern can be found here:

I followed her instructions, substituting blocks with 6+6 double stitches for original blocks with only 4ds. Rows have increased accordingly.

That was a nice tatting, after all the block tatting that I've done for the Endrucks' project ( Good block tatting needs exercise, and I thanks a lot my dear tatting friend Muskaan for getting me involved in that project, I've learned a lot from the old patterns and from Maestra Muskaan, she has a talent in explaining things!

I've tatted two patterns, Muskaan's heart and one of mine, for a tat-along with friends in the Italian Facebook's group.

That is mine:

The original pattern is a modification of one repetition of an edging, the original edging and the prototype heart is here (2011):
There is another blog post with a little motif that is about the same design: 

Muskaan is a nice friend and she gifts me often with her great tips, for example in the case of my heart, she suggested to remove the top center from the prototype. That was a great idea! The heart is now a lot better!

Also, the heart was asking me for something inside that empty space, so I thought that hearts and flowers always go well together, that is why I've added the yellow flower.

In the next there are my step-to-step pictures for Muskaan's heart (that is exactly as explained in her instructions at page 4):

I especially love how she passed from block1 to block 2, that is with a first half ds folloved by a picot (pic 5), that minimizes the space between the two blocks.
It's a very clever use of block tatting. I love her bracelet version too.

In the next pictures there are some indications for tatting my heart. 

I've called it "Heart by the sea". The pattern is as follow:

Thread is DMC Cebelia number 8. The pattern can be done with one shuttle and the ball. The floating ring in the bottom can be done as a mock ring, otherwise you will need the second shuttle just for tatting that only one suspended ring.
The yellow flower is tatted as a separate element. I suggest to tat the flower first and then attach it while tatting the heart, but in my pictures I did the flower at the end. The bead in the center of the flower has been sewed.

- = picots - they are all small (the design should result compact), 

+ = normal join

Yellow flower:
Ring A: 4-4-4 (in the picture you see where A, B and E are joined to the red heart)
Ring B: 6-3-3
Ring C: 3+(to last p of B) 9-3
Ring D: 3+(to last p of C) 9-3
Ring E: 3+(to last p of D) 3-6
Close and sew the bead in the center.

Red heart:
Rings and chains are all 4 ds between each picots.
In picture 3, you see the two rings for the bottom, that is a normal ring 4+4-4 and the floating/suspended ring 4-4 (that can be tatted as a mock ring).
Those dimpled rings are: first one 12-8-4/4+8-8-4; last one 4+8+8-4/4+8+(to first dimpled ring) 12.

I've already found a good place for my new hearts! (They are still to be sewed)



Update 17 Feb 2021: I prepared a drawing for the Italian Facebook group, text is in Italian. Here it is: 

Please, don't share pictures but share link to this post and credit the designer. Thank you in advance. Ninetta.


  1. Lovely hearts! I especially like the hearts within heart of your one. The flower is a good touch too.

  2. A lovely heart. I must tat it. I'll call my inset a starfish though :)

  3. You make me blush :-* L💖ve your block versions and pictorial. Your heart is BeYoutiFull and on my to-tat list... I had not realised it was part of the doily (which was also im my tatting list!)

    1. Thank you very much for everything you share, there's a lot in your "encyclopedia" that perhaps I haven't still understood (ah! The Language Barrier!) I have many of your patterns in my to tat list, barely a life would be sufficient...

  4. Beautiful hearts, I love your little pattern with the flower inside, gorgeous heart and thank you for sharing the pattern

  5. Beautiful hearts. Thank you for sharing you patterns ❤️❤️🎊


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