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Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Long-standing experience

 The Endrucks’ 1920 Project, in one year, has seen the enthusiastic participation of tatters with new experience and tatters with many years of tatting behind them. It has been a great adventure for all of us, everyone learned something new from Frau Eleonore.

In this post I’m honored to host pictures by a long-term experienced tatter, Paola Emilia Rotuletti. She’s been tatting nearly 50 years. If there’s a chance for you to visit our Italian Fb group (“Chiacchierino: filo, amore e fantasia”), you’ll find that she is one of our most active members! She doesn’t share her tatting in her own profile, but often enriches our group with her eye candies!

She joined the project in mid-July, and chose the pattern n.42, a doily that came back again after being adopted at the end of last year.
Then, in less than one month, she sent us at least 3 versions of the doily (and many stepwise pictures).

(Have you noticed? Paola and I love the same type of shuttles!)
She has not tatted in one pass, but I can’t make out where she ended her rounds as the ends are so well hidden. That is part of what “experience” means.

She’s another “volunteer” who learned how to write patterns, in fact she had never written a pattern before this one. I am very happy for that. I included her Italian text in the document. I’m so proud that many Italian tatters joined this project! 

This is the direct link to the reworked pattern’s document:

This is a doily that can be tatted in one pass, using split rings and split chains, but in the original version, there were extra chains to climb out each round. If you would like learning a little more about Endrucks' old method, there is an interesting post shared by Muskaan ( )

Paola Emilia told me that she is a teacher, and shared with me her wise motto:

il mio motto é si studia sempre perché se non lo si fa si commette l'errore più grande🥰 “

That means: “my motto is to never stop studying, as one would make the biggest mistake ever”.
Muskaan and I fully agree! Thank you very much, Paola Emilia, for having put at work for us your long tatting experience, wisdom, and enthusiasm!
Also, Muskaan wants to remember how she (virtually) met her, as a nice anecdote:

I first ‘recognised’ Paola when she participated in a group event and not only tatted my Block Heart but displayed them spectacularly on mugs! She was eager for my reaction to this doily as well and I enjoyed our brief conversation. She is such a sweet lady.
What I noticed was her thrown rings in round 4! She tatted a normal ring and then folded it up to simulate a thrown/floating ring! Obviously, it broke the chain but also gave the entire center a more organic/natural rose flower look! I had never seen this before though Ninetta told me many Italian tatters do it similarly. It led to the ready reckoner for Thrown/Floating Ring methods and I termed this particular method Thrown Flipped Up Ring.
So, as both Paola and Ninetta say, the learning never ends!

Endrucks 1920 Project is a community project, we welcome every one of you to join in and enjoy the modern-style pdfs that have been uploaded! Please let us know where we can find your renditions and derivative tatting!

We created the hashtag #Endrucks1920Project, so please use it for your pics to show up in a search. (

We have a Facebook Group (please read the group’s description and rules before asking to join) – “Endrucks 1920 Project”:   

We all enjoy sharing and experimenting and the group is waiting for you! 

All info and links (original and modern) are in the Endrucks 1920 Project Document, here: 

Remember there are many more modernised patterns, derived and extracted patterns/ideas, already listed in the project document, with more still to come! So, do visit and scroll through.

Ninetta and Muskaan


  1. I love Paola's advice on learning. I will be using that when I talk about my work in organ music. Thank you for extending my learning!!

  2. It is so gratifying to see how diligently Paola worked for this project, creating beautiful models ❤🌹❤ And we have all benefitted in multiple ways. Thank you once again 😍

    Ninetta, it is not surprising that Italians form the major contingent in this year-long community, all thanks to you 🌹🥰🌹

  3. Full research type work of both of you (Muskan and Ninetta) on Thrown up ring. I understand that how much I have to learn in tatting. Thanks.


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