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Tuesday, 21 December 2021

how to sweep in the project

 This necklace is the elegant contribution by Silvia Passaquieti to the Endrucks’ project. 

She was among the very first tatters who enthusiastically joined us last year, and she entered the project in such an elegant manner. She chose the pattern number 13 in the book. Her tatting and beautiful diagram arrived fast, about the first half of Nov 2020, only few days after we asked help in the Italian facebook group (“Chiacchierino: Filo Amore e Fantasia”).

In the above pic, the multicoloured sample was her first attempt. She tatted it with shuttle and ball (we won’t tell that to Eleonore!), but the pattern doesn’t - strictly - call for a second shuttle. Also in the original pattern, the shuttle in hand is always the same. This is an exception among Endrucks’ patterns (after a quick search, I noticed that only #13, #38 and #42 have the “shuttle 1” symbol alone), in fact here it is what Muskaan wants to add:

When Ninetta sent me this draft, I was stumped by the fact that this was tatted using shuttle and ball instead of 2 shuttles …. aren’t those 2 thrown/floating rings in the center? On close inspection, turns out they are normal rings and the chain pairs on either side are facing each other! And Silvia’s perfect tatting enhances the effect. Learning from each and every project/pattern is marvellous and continuous.

This is the direct link to the pattern reworked and diagrammed by Silvia Passaquieti:

I like the path that led Silvia from the upper rings to the bottom, in fact she warns us about the sequence, it is very interesting. Although I think that other paths were possible, I like it and the result is what matters. Endrucks taught us that we can tat anything we like, following the path we like, we need only the thread and the shuttle… or the needle. 

Silvia also tats with the needle, and she’s very skilled because you can’t say if her lace has been shuttle or needle tatted. 

She lives in Umbria (that is a region in the middle of Italy, you might remember this area for the series of earthquakes in 2016) and lately I’ve seen one of her fb posts, where she was at a fair wearing a traditional folk costume. She often shows us her tatting displays at local fairs. Also, she has an Etsy shop and a facebook page with her own designs.

Silvia Facebook page:
Silvia’s Etsy shop:
She also has a YouTube channel:  

I remember that in our Fb group she posted about how she started tatting: her mum loved tatted lace though she didn’t learn how to tat. But she passed the love to her daughter, Silvia, who, few years ago (4 or 5) started self-learning. I remember it because it is very similar to my personal story, many years before though!

In Silvia’s page you find her words: "Dall'incontro di un filo e di un'idea nascono piccoli gioielli" -
That means: “Small jewels arise from the encounter between the thread and an idea”.

Muskaan and I are very grateful to Silvia for her prompt help. We would love to see more tatting from her from the book, wishing her to sweep kilometres of threads and never sweep out ideas.


For Silvia, and for you all, talented tatters in search of inspiration, there’s still a lot waiting to be discovered in this booklet. Quoting Eleonore Endrucks:

“My book shows you the way out of the eternal monotony of all tatted lace so far. Tatted lace is eternally modifiable and will adapt to any style […] It is a great fortune to create something beautiful with simple means, I hope that my book will give you the key to this happiness.”

It’s wonderful that Simone Beyer translated for us the non-pattern pages from the German to the English, so that, after one century, we can enjoy Eleonore’s own words, shared in this document:
And thanks to Anna Tedesco, who helped me, we are happy to share the Italian translation as well:


Endrucks 1920 Project is a community project, we welcome every one of you to join in and enjoy the modern-style pdfs that have been uploaded! Please let us know where we can find your renditions and derivative tatting!

We created the hashtag #Endrucks1920Project, so please use it for your pics to show up in a search. (

We have a Facebook Group (please read the group’s description and rules before asking to join) – “Endrucks 1920 Project”:   

We all enjoy sharing and experimenting and the group is waiting for you! 

All info and links (original and modern) are in the Endrucks 1920 Project Document, here:

Remember there are many more modernised patterns, derived and extracted patterns/ideas, already listed in the project document, with more still to come! So, do visit and scroll through.

Ninetta and Muskaan


  1. I love Silvia's wise words and philosophy 🥰 She has an incredible range and number of tatted items displayed in her stall, and to think she only learned it a few years back. :-h
    Thanks to all you lovely and dedicated ladies ❤🧡💜🧡❤

  2. Silvia is very talented. Love the necklace.

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    Io mi sento piccola piccola e commetto ancora tanti errori, ma sono una testarda! Nella vita faccio l’insegnante e dopo parecchi anni di scuola ho capito che si è sempre e solo studenti, per tutta la vita in tutti i settori! Grazie di cuore Ninetta Caruso e Muskaan🤗🤗🤗

    1. Grazie mille a te per aver partecipato al progetto! Hai perfettamente ragione, vale per tutti, non si finisce mai di imparare 🥰🌹

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    I wish you and your family a very happy christmas

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