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Monday 22 April 2024

all roads lead to Rome

They say that all roads lead to Rome, in fact it is on the route of many travellers!

I already knew that I'm lucky to live near Rome! But I wouldn't imagine that this meant that I could have had the great opportunity to meet travelling tatters!! It happened in 2019, when I met Karen Cabrera in person! ( )

And now I had the fantastic opportunity to meet the Master Tatter Anita Barry!

What do you think of an appointment under The Obelisk in St. Peter square? It’s fantastic, isn't it! And highly risky, LOL! For the crowd in the square, we almost didn't find each other! We should thank a light drizzle, for she had the umbrella with her, and intentionally opened it to make her visible to me, hers was the only opened umbrella in the square!

She is very nice and outgoing and one hour flew by! We chatted like old friends! Well, I think I talked too much, telling her about our just finished exhibition in my city, where I saw many beautiful laces, and about the Endrucks Project! Ah, now I have my own cat "Flat Felix" to take care of! Thank you so much, Anita!

Also, she was so nice to gift me some threads and one shuttle, that I love! And a beautiful pair of earrings! And many other lovely things… better to show you the treasure:

I save everything for a good use, and I’ve already wore the earrings. Will try the shuttle soon!

Well, I’d tell you, Felix told me he’s curious like a cat about what Anita will do with the motifs she got in return!

Do you think that I’ve been offline enough? Or do you think I spend too much time on Fb and I should be back blogging regularly? I can’t answer, maybe I’ll blog again. The Cambridge Dictionary says that “all roads lead to Rome” meaning “all the methods of doing something will achieve the same result in the end”. That's life, and it doesn’t mind if we are online or offline. The important thing is to always have (that’s right, the health first! But also…) a passion that fulfils us, that connects us with twin souls, and we'll never feel alone.

Ciao, Ninetta.


  1. How wonderful to be able to meet up with another tatter in person! I'm not a fan of Facebook, because things disappear and I can't find them again, and on my tablet I can't see the comments or comment easily myself. I prefer to read blogs. But hey, it's entirely under your control!!

  2. Anita is great, a lovely & generous person, inside and out! She posted about your meet-up and she was equally thrilled to meet you! Isn't our tatting world amazing??

  3. Hello Ninetta:) We are on the last 2 days of our cruise! This is a delightful post to read. A smile across my face ear to ear! Yes! All roads lead to Rome! And how amazing you are to locate me in the crowded Vatican City! As you said to me there at the base of the obelisk, “It’s like Christmas!” as we exchanged beautiful tatting, threads, you gifted me signed copy of your excellent book (and a 2nd book to share). Your exquisitely tatted motifs and tatted key chains, Italian embellished shuttle and bobbin lace by Luigia Tosin! Thank you! Meeting you was a fabulous highlight of the trip!

  4. Such a delightful read - I had a smile plastered on my face throughout! And the best gift is actually getting to meet each other in person 💕💕💕 I sure hope you continue to blog, even if once in 3 to 4 weeks. You have so much to share and inspire!

  5. 🥰 thank you PIC👍you're sweet 🥰 I'll try to keep this blog alive 🤞

  6. A lovely read. I believe things happen for a reason. Thank you for your inspiration. Amazing.

  7. What a lovely post! I would love to visit Italy. My husband's family is from a little town near Genova. Our daughter Carol has taken a few European tours with some of her students. She loves Florence and Rome. Of course, I would want to see lacemakers in action!

  8. Lovely post although I have been to italy many times I have not been to Roma, you always make your posts interesting and I see a lot on facebook, but it is nice to see you in blogland too

  9. I love Anita. So talented. Ask her for the Dr. Who bowtie pattern.


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