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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

sharing is fun!

Thanks a lot for the great time I had yesterday with Georgia Seitz and The Online Tatting Class !

I shared a tutorial where some alternate methods to curl rings are listed, something a bit different from CRs, but it's everything explained there, if you please:

Thanks a lot to Muskaan. She was precious for encouraging, correcting my English and testing everything (EVERYTHING!!!).

I also prepared a pdf with 4 bracelets' patterns, where those effects are used. You can be surprised by me this time, they have even a name! Instead of bracelet #1, #2, etc, I called them "Bracelets Capriccio", if you are curious about that name, in Italian "capriccio" means whim. There's an idiomatic expression that says "ogni riccio un capriccio" ("riccio" means curl). Literally it is: [curly-haired people have] one whim for each curl, that is a way to joke with someone who has a temporary fancy/desire. It is nice, by no means rude, even with people with straight hair :-) 


(Update to add the link to a closely related post by Muskaan: )

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  1. Wonderful bracelets, great ideas and patterns

  2. Wow you out do yourself with so many items, they are beautiful! I answered your question on my blog about the doily, I want to make in future. Where any one who wants to can add a round to the round before and we could make a world wide doily made by all tatters who want to around world.

  3. Thank you Sue, Margaret and Carollyn!

  4. It was my privilege and pleasure, Ninetta :-h
    You are so very talented and creative with an amazing engineering brain !

    1. :) I couldn't have it done in this way, without your help and support. Thank you very much

  5. I have a few projects to finish up but those bracelets along with curled rings are in my near future. Great online class.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.