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Friday, 2 December 2016

by Thérèse again

Pattern is from Tatting by Thérèse de Dillmont, available at - Plate III, fig.21

First row: 4 detached rings, each one is 4-4-4.  (I climbed to next row with a split ring)

Second row: starting at one picot of first row, (*)tat a chain 3-2; floating ring 4-2-2-2-4; chain 2-3; lock join to next picot of first row, then repeat all around from (*). (I climbed to next row with a split chain and a split ring that was in place of a floating ring)
Third row: starting at first picot of one floating ring, (**)chain 4ds; lock join to next - second - picot; chain 2ds; first ring 6ds; chain 2ds; second ring 6ds; chain 2ds; third ring 6ds; chain 2ds; lock join to next - third - picot; chain 4ds; lock join to next - fourth - picot; then chain 2ds and lock join at first picot of the next floating ring. Repeat all around from (**).

Instead of "lock join" the text is "join the right hand thread", but I think that is exactly the same, isn't it?
About picots' length, I tatted picots a bit wider than in previous motif (fig. 17) and I think they worked better. The gauge has been put horizontally at the second cut.

I must give myself a bad grade in reading the measurement, I clearly got it wrong in last post (tiny hook), in fact if you had looked carefully at the picture, the gauge was at 5/8", instead I wrote 1/2". That's really a shame! I corrected my mistake, sorry sorry!
That's why I don't often use the graduated gauge, I got mixed up with cuts! I prefer cutting a piece of plastic or card for the measure I need.

I finished the superduo red set and there's only one end to hide, then it's ready for next holidays!

I noticed that I didn't write the pattern that I used to tat my flowers, so here it is:
Thread is the "plasticky" dmc Diamant 100% polyester, D5200, very similar to a size 50 thread. Superduo beads are 2.5x5mm.

Start loading 8 superduo in the loop for the ring, then start with 1ds and tat a ring alternating 1ds and 1 superduo in place of a picot. Finish with one superduo and tat only the first half of a ds and close the ring.
Climb to next row with 4 first half of ds, then tat a split ring 1--3 / 1--3, where "--" means a picot long enough to pass through the second hole of the superduo, I used horizontally the second cut in the gauge, so it is the 1/4" (if I'm not wrong again!!).
Continue all around with chains 4-4 and rings 3+2--3, passing the long picot through the second hole of previous superduo bead. Finish with one chain, cut and tie ends.
A close up, if it may be of any help:

newatha hamuvemu!
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  1. I made that motif once and found it pleasing to make, yours looks great! Love the bracelet too!

  2. Wonderful motif!!! :)
    Your red set is wonderful!!! :)
    I love the flower bracelet!!! :)

  3. That is a sweet snowflake and love the white bracelet too💟

  4. Lovely motif and bracelets. Thanks for the patterns, in modern terms! Could be a bit confusing, that join with right hand thread.

  5. Lovely snowflake
    I love your bracelet and thank you for sharing your pattern


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