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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

are you serious?

I'm still tatting the last rounds of Wiosna 2017...

Very relaxing tatting but lately I seem to be more relaxed than my usual, I'm tatting so slowly and haven't started anything new.

On Saturday I went to a lace meeting, in Zagarolo, near Rome, they were almost all bobbin lacers, I met only one tatter, so I'm serious we were two of us among an hundred of lacers. I spent all the time chatting mostly and the doily, oh well we can ask if "she" loved the short drive but I doubt will answer.

I was prepared to spend money but I resisted - just a little of resistance, I'm not strict. I found a book that I was looking for and was in sale for the fair, that is "Dizionario Enciclopedico di Lavori Femminili", first edited in 1941 and lately reprinted (I bought the reprinted edition of course).

Amazing book, the author, Lucia Petrali Castaldi, worked 9 long years and also added, for some entries, the name that the same item got or had got in Italian dialects, that's a lot of work! And there are beautiful drawings and illustrations.

So, it happens 😉 that I opened the page at "Chiacchierino", and the incipit is like a gut punch: "they say that is not a serious thing" and continue "in fact in french it is called frivolousness" but then it is included because is beautiful, strong and many women know it.

Poor tatting!

I don't change my mind, despite the authoritative and respected writer, tatting is a serious kind of lace, you can't tat and chat - retro-tatting is difficult and stressful - it needs passion like any other lace and it's beautiful, and did I say that? It's beautiful! I'm very very serious!!

I leave you with two pics from the stall of Deruta Majolica Beads, they sell handmade and hand painted heads, to make and dress yourself a little doll,  "La mi' cocca Deruta®" that is a creation by Anna Lisa Piccioni of  "Le Antiche Fuseruole Deruta" (Deruta Majolica Beads, there's a site in English: ). They sell outside Italy too and you can find her also on facebook.



  1. Your doily is so beautiful!!!! :)

  2. Serwetka jest piękna. Ja swoja jeszcze robię.

  3. We'll have to wave the flag for tatting!! Wonderful pictures, I really enjoyed this post, thank you.

  4. If your WIOSNA 2017 is fivolous, I wonder what serious work looks like! I love the colors. I wish there were big lace events here, it sounds so exciting!

  5. Your doily is beautiful and a master piece of tatting, how can tatting be not serious, between us all tatting is a life long passion, that we all try and pass on. Today we have so many wonderful colours to use instead of the
    ecru and white, tatting is never boring.
    Ninetta you really are testing me those Beauitful beads and little dolls, when I belonged to the itialian group of tatters on Facebook remember we were tatting dresses for the little dolls, I have not seen them or been able to get them in the UK now you give me a link, how can I resist, thank you for the link, I am soon off on holiday but when I get back I think I will investigating this link. It will be Avantie.

  6. Delightful post & tatting !!!!
    Heck, we shouldn't take life too seriously, so why tatting ;-P
    But tatting Will stay long after we've left this world - so there is something to think about there :-D

  7. Sometimes I think people say this because they attempted to try tatting and could not so they left there unkind remark because they were personal mad about it. Your doily is lovely and you are not worried about it cause you know it is your last round :)

  8. Lovely doily and my what interesting beads, hard to resist.


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