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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Renulek's doilies

Just two in my personal list, but very pretty and beautiful patterns!
In the next pic there's the Wiosna 2016 under the newer Wiosna 2017, that is a little smaller, diameter is 30cm in size 80 thread.

I had a lot of fun playing with rounds and colours! Thank you very much, Renata!

Her patterns are in her blog ( and also listed in her shop.

I put a picture in my album in Flickr, too.


This time I put aside the phone and took a real camera to take photos. It's not a great camera, almost self-acting, I'd only have to push the button. I set the close up and tried it on flowers. That is the verbena in my balcony, did you know that the name of this flower is the same in Italian? I've just learnt it! I also discovered that in Wikipedia there is a "List of English words of Italian origin", very interesting, and they even wrote that the list is incomplete!

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  1. Gorgeous !!!
    Hey, Ninetta - most biological terms and names have their origin in Latin/Italian :-))))

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous doily!!! :)
    Pretty flowers!! :)

  3. Really beautiful! I liked the way you experimented with different ways of tatting Renata's pattern, goes to show there's more than one way of tatting a pattern. I like verbena, they grow here too.

  4. Gorgeous and beautiful doilies
    A lot of plant names are in Latin and many words come from itialian after all the Romans did come to Great Britian and lived here for many many years so that's why itialian has mingled with old English.

  5. Just beautiful!! I just discovered your blog and have it bookmarked. Love your beautiful tatting!


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.