Tuesday, 14 November 2017

pattern for the winter fan

Pattern is in Flickr:
winter fan pattern

The thread used was a size 80, I think that the finer was the thread, the more suitable would be the result in order to use it, open and close. Another thing that I should reconsider is the fact that it needs some improvements to be functional as a real fan. I've been following the blog by Lila here: . She sewed the lace on the tulle, I like her suggestion, thanks Lila. Maybe the tulle "steals" a lot of space but it would be useful for the functionality, to fan oneself. Perhaps the tulle wouldn't be necessary for the whole lace's area. Just thinking aloud.

I've enjoyed tatting my own fan, it needed about 2 balls and one half of dmc special dentelles 80 thread, that is 5gr each ball. I plan to tat another one in white and in size 100 thread, but not soon. I've been caught up in another tatting addiction, I'll tell you...


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  1. Thanks for sharing the pattern :-) I am a fan of your work, but even though I may not use it for a fan, it can as a doily !!

    1. oh, I'd love seeing that doily! However, you as designer would change the stitches count because 2 fans don't make a circular doily, the same as a doily can't fit a fan! I'm very curious now! w-)

    2. :D I was thinking more in terms of 'going with the curve'. If 1 fan is not a complete half, then it could be used as the end to an oval; or use the pattern as one slice of the pizza. Both would require more tweaking of the pattern =D>
      Just an idea - but for a leisurely future project c-)

    3. welcome! and I absolutely like pizza :)

  2. Beautiful fan pattern, thank you for sharing it


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