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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

pattern for the quad_23 magic square

Pattern is in Flickr:
quad_23 magic square

I've tatted again the version with 4 repetitions, this time in two colours, threads are DMC size 80 ecrù and a shade of light blue but the ball was without the label, sorry.

I've also tatted again the basic square, just because I needed a pic to be put in the pattern, but I don't have a real use for it yet.

Instead, a friend suggested to sew the other one on the pocket of a shirt, I already found one with little light blue dots, difficult to take a picture as those are very soft dots but here it is

I tatted the "inverted square", too. I suspect I wasn't on task, in fact you see in the picture there are two rings not joined and I simply made knots with a spare bit of thread to take the picture.
and here it is the path, MODULE-2- was repeated four times:

I hope that the pattern in Flickr is clear enough. Thank you very much for visiting.

But it wasn't clear enough the pattern for the "star n.2 with tuft picots", for someone commented to ask how to do the OTT join in round E and also how to do the normal join to round C. I've filmed myself with the smartphone and now there's a new video in my channel. Please, tell me what do you think. Here is the link:

Last about this week: I managed to buy the catalogue I was looking for, it is about an exhibition held in Genova in 2006, "Gioielli di filo", beautiful laces, eye-candy 😍 ! But there isn't tatting, sigh.

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  1. I always love looking in on your lovely work and patterns and this blue and white is lovely!

  2. Lovely pattern, thanks. I'll have another look at it when I've finished Robin's square.

  3. Love,y motif! He blue and white is gorgeous and looks perfect on the shirt!

  4. Śliczny wzór. Dziękuję bardzo za jego udostępnienie.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.