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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

thumb sized pillow

At last! I've started decorating a box for making the dollhouse's bedroom, I had already finished the bedspread ( and the toilette (, then I needed only one pillow, something to put into the wardrobe, curtain and drapes. And the help of a friend 😉

That's the pillow. Thread is DMC Spécial Dentelles Size 80, colour number is 397 Pale mauve.
Tassels are made with the same thread and then sewed at corners. I designed the square pattern including curled rings and treble tatting stitches.

It is about 4x4 cm, about the half of a thumb size (length), according to what I've just discovered, googling "what is the size of an average thumb". It's incredible how many things you can find googling, but then, who can question that? I can measure just my own, it's not convenient going around measuring thumbs 😕

I haven't decided yet how to set the bedroom.

And now, my stitches' count, sorry that's a little tricky to read, but actually put numbers on a picture is a lot far easy and fast than preparing a tidy drawing... I hope you'll like it anyway and forgive my laziness... 🙇

The CR (= Curled Ring) is joined using the hidden picot in the middle (I joined it and the picot of the  chain together, to block the CR in its position), that is between the second and the third tds.
Those rings in the outer round are normally joined, you tat the second one in the corner and join previous ring in its vsp, just after the 5tds, before tatting the 10 double stitches.

Please refer to the page  "Treble Tatting Stitch - Summary" for any info about treble tatting stitches, thank you.



  1. You are so very creative!!!! :)
    Fabulous pillow design, and I love!!! that little bedspread design!!!! :)

    1. 🥰thank you, it's very nice of you🌹🌹🌹

  2. Oh my goodness, that’s amazing. So tiny. So elegant.

  3. 👍👍👍 thumbs up for sure 😄😉😆
    That gorgeous cushion is truly meant for Thumbelina 👍
    Why am I seeing convex-concave chain curves in every blog today 💜

  4. Isn’t that just beautiful? Your work is so detailed and lovely.

  5. That is an adorable little pillow! I love seeing your miniatures!

  6. Fabulous and wonderful pillow, beautiful colour

  7. I missed your beautiful doll house pillow, its beautiful!


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