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Tuesday, 10 September 2019

trebles in curled rings - mad mad snowflake

That is my "mad mad snowflake", if you have time to read you'll know why, otherwise have fun with pictures (especially the last one)!

A treble tatting stitch can be used in any tatting element, grant that you have the pattern! Otherwise you should have to write your own...
Thread is DMC Spécial Dentelles Size 80, colour numbers are 701 green and orange 740.

I designed this little motif to see how curled rings could work when you have treble tatting stitches in the ring.
Initially, my idea was to tat a curled ring with all tds, but actually the back of the CR is not visible on the front, so it's been sufficient tatting trebles on the half visible side! Except if you like the treble stitches showing off on the back, too. That is the third attempt at the pattern, the first one had 2 rounds with all trebles in curled rings, then I told myself that was a mad mad snowflake...
Just to mention, in curled rings you need a very small picot to fold it, that can be in any place it depends on the pattern. In the case of tds, any of the hidden picots can be used to fold the curled ring.

But then I added a little madness more.

I've also tried a technique showed in a Japanese site, but actually it is the same as the monster (or "wide") picots, just used there in order to have a better front appearance when tatting a double picot. Of course it shows like a charm with thick thread, but it is a madness (and worthless!) with my tiny size 80 thread!
So why? There's moments when you just have your shuttles loaded and a voice says "what if", how can you resist?
The technique was showed in a blog by a tatter that the automatic translation introduces you as "Hello, this is YuiYui", that sounds like a very sweet name. It's a great thing that we have automatic translation but I wish I  had found a name and surname to tell you. The link where you can find the technique is this one:

Thanks YuiYui, that was really fun to tat 🤗 !!

Here it is my stitches' count, for anyone who's willing to tat my mad mad little snowflake:
WP = monster (or wide) picot 
The CR (= Curled Ring) is joined using the hidden picot in the middle (I joined it and the picot of the green chain together, to block the CR in its position), that is between the second and the third tds.

Please refer to the page  "Treble Tatting Stitch - Summary" for any info about treble tatting stitches, thank you.

Happy tatting!



  1. Exquisite !!! Definitely on my to-tat list.
    Yuiyui has some great pictorials which I came across earlier this year.
    But what you call a wide picot here, is a double picot with a down join (which fs/bs tatters generally use) in order to create the illusion of 1ds.

    1. You are right that it is a double picot, but if you look it closely, the technique is the same as in the wide picot with only one ds inside the wide picot. At least that's how I tried to memorise it :-)

  2. The key ring is a really good way to show off an interesting motif!

  3. Thank you Muskaan and Jane :-f

  4. It's wonderful!!!!!! :)
    It has such a great design!! :)

  5. It's not mad mad snowflake, it's beautiful beautiful snowflake.

  6. It looks fantastic! I'm going to need some quiet time to figure this one out!

  7. Fabulous snowflake I will need another read before I try this one out in the meantime its on my to do list.


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