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Tuesday, 3 December 2019

days of december

These are Eight and Ninth of December, snowflakes' patterns by Lene Bjørn:
Thread is DMC Cordonett Special B5200, size 80.

In both cases there's block tatting and that is the main reason I wanted to tat them. The other reason is because I've bought 12 wooden frames, to make little xmas gifts.

At a first reading, the drawings were pretty clear, but then, with shuttles "in action", I realised that photos and diagrams are facing different direction, that caused me a little confusion...

... and that is the reason why the "8th of December" is not a faithful reproduction of the original. Anyway, I tatted the two rounds continuously.
All in all, that is a lesson for me as someone who presumes to draw patterns for others, I think till now I didn't pay much attention to keep consistent drawings and photos.

I would love making more snowflakes that have block tatting. If you please, in case you know any other free pattern, I will be happy to tat it, ❄❄❄ possibly 🤞 within these days of December ❄❄❄
I've found one by Jane Eborall and another by Sue Hanson, I will share my white versions next week.



  1. Those are very beautiful snowflakes!!! :)

  2. I struggled with 8th Day snowflake also. Truth be told, I gave up more than once. I like your version!

    1. Actually I think the block tatting is an advanced technique, just my opinion. Thank you dear Mel, I love these!


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