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Tuesday, 14 January 2020

shine the light on the tds

That is a new-to-me thread, Sanbest polyester, 6 strands. It comes from China, very smooth and perfect for tatting, even for tatting the treble stitches! I found it thanks to a Facebook group, led by Eva Antonucci.

It inspired me a new design:

It shines like the gold thread, I did my best to take a good pic but it's not easy.

It started as a snowflake but ended like an ice-drop, in fact the rivoli was added at the end.

The problem with any metallic threads is that it twists a lot while tatting the trebles - a lot more than with cotton thread! -, so you need to drop the shuttle very often to let it untangled. In this pattern I did it every 3 tds.

All my patterns need to be reviewed and my files need some "spring cleaning", maybe I should commit myself seriously... This sounds like a new year resolution, but, well, keep an eye on me and in case please help this lazy girl to behave...

And now please let me shine the light on this one: the last doily designed by Sue Bradham. A pic is here:
That is a great joy for me, a technique is not useful without designers that include it in their tatting!



  1. That is absolutely gorgeous!!! :)
    Thank you for inspiring me!! :)

  2. Lovely pattern. I have just acquired this thread from my son in Singapore, first saw it when we were visiting and bought just one spool of it to try now really enjoying working with it.

  3. I love the sparkle! Shiny!!!! It looks quite nice in the treble stitch.

  4. Thank you Sally and Mel :-f


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.