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Tuesday, 1 June 2021


Well, that’s not the season but I nearly spot a crib there, even with its star on, LOL! Or you can repeat only the flower’s section, for a very springy scalloped edging! And can you see little earrings with just the leaf motif? 

I think that we haven’t stressed enough the fact that Endrucks’ designs are not geometrical, despite the heavy use of block tatting. Possibilities are unending! 

Elisabetta De Napoli tatted that model and prepared the visual pattern, in modern format. It is pattern #25 in the Endrucks' 1920 book, based on the #24.

She is a nice, sweet person, prompt to help and generous, drawn by her lively curiosity for tatting challenges. 

She doesn’t blog but she's not new to us, in fact I already met her last year, when she posted in Facebook her version of the tatted beaded rope, and then I blogged about it here

We had another opportunity to become better tatting friends when she shared a picture of her clean filet tatting and gave to Muskaan and me the permission to post it, done in Muskaan’s blog, where there are also links to other methods for filet tatting:

Elisabetta taught us then, but she told us that Endruck’s project taught something to her, too. In fact, she said that this was her first time in drawing diagrams. She did a wonderful job, you would not suspect that she is a newbie!

The next, it is her tatting for the pattern #35:

This pattern is on my to-do-list, too. Hopefully, all patterns will be tested, sooner or later. Actually, I’m wondering if the nice slight zig-zag movement can be enhanced, or it is just because her tatting hasn’t been blocked yet. It looks straight in the old model, but all tatting in those old pictures looks very stretched.

Another pattern re-worked by Elisabetta is the number #18b, that is also part of the #18, currently under work by Muskaan, it will be shared soon in her blog. Here it is the sample tatted with metallic thread, sent by Elisabetta for the #18b standalone:

I would love it as a necklace with pearls and sparkling miyuki. 

(I’m not fully sure but) Elisabetta tatted all her samples with two shuttles.

Direct links to modern version pdf files:
    Pattern n.18b
    Pattern n.25
    Pattern n.35


This project is co-learning in the true sense. I'm learning a lot from the Endrucks 1920 Project, both in tatting and about how dealing with the project itself. 

I’m very grateful to Anna Tedesco, who shared with me the challenging experience of translating into Italian Eleonore Endrucks’ Preface and Tips, based on the English translation done by Simone Beyer. Direct link -

My facebook tatting friends can see Anna's beautiful works, shared in her personal group: "Tatting Art"

Anna is quite famous among us Italians, for being here the only one tatter that I know who had a crowded class of little tatting girls - in pre-covid times -. I wish her to come back teaching tatting soon!

The Endrucks 1920 Project has been growing as a wonderful group, where all tatters learn together, finding ways to overcome language's barriers and different tatting styles, and different skills, everyone's eager to share and open to other tatters' ideas. Many patterns have already served as inspiration to create even more lovely tatting! I love Anna Tedesco's nice description of the derivative patterns as "Endrucks' children", then the further derivatives of those, she calls them "Endrucks' grandchildren"!

Muskaan and I are very grateful for all the enthusiasm, collaboration and inspiration that is going around this international project! Fingers crossed, we would have all patterns available in modern format by the end of November. Read what Muskaan wrote in her Facebook profile page:  

UPDATE #Endrucks1920Project

Dear friends and contributors,
firstly Ninetta Caruso and I would like to thank you for your participation and contribution to this project.

You joined us in November 2020 and it seems reasonable that we be able to 'complete' it in a year, by November 2021. This is the TIMELINE we propose:

1. May 31st - final confirmation
2. June 1st to June 15th - depending on response to #1, final invitation and confirmation of 'reopened' patterns.
3. August 31st to September 15th - final submission of remaining patterns
4. November 2021 - wrap up of all main patterns

Thanks and best regards 💖💕💖
We have been updating a few pdfs with the Project link, header/footer, and a few minor edits. These include #2+#26 combo, #2, #3, #9, #13, #15, #16, #18a, #18b, #23 #25, #26,#27, #29, #33,#35. Of these, some links have changed (for #2, #16, #18a, #23, #26, #29). These have been updated in the EP doc.
Most are already ready (thank you again 🤩) and others on the way. In fact Reiko Akamatsu is working on the Cover doily as well!!! 🥰 Tatters are welcome to send in their versions and adaptations/derivations/applications and we will try to include the pics/off-shoot patterns as they come in, with due credit. Oh, and also Test tatters are welcome - be it with needle or shuttle. Thank you, Gloria Nelson, for sharing the project on her wonderful page 🙏 (
Note: this is a Volunteer Project protected under Creative Commons License. It is totally free to use and share BUT not to sell. And please acknowledge the tatter when using/sharing.

By the time you’re reading my blogpost, all patterns have been confirmed and promised by willing volunteers. 

That is a community project, we welcome everyone of you to join in! Please let us known where we can find your renditions and derivative tatting!
We created the hashtag #Endrucks1920Project, so please use it!
We all enjoy sharing and the project is waiting every one of you! All infos and links are in the Endrucks 1920 Project Document, here:


Ninetta & Muskaan


  1. I agree about co-learning - both on a personal and collaborative level for each of us!!! A very special thanks to Elisabetta and Anna for their impeccable contribution 💖💗💕
    I see a crib too now, and like the waviness of the next edging. And an obvious crown in the 3rd image (I have already strung beads through metallic thread to tat a crown 😁).
    Beautifully written 💝

  2. It’s a wonderful project with a lot of opportunities for learning, from the book and from each other!

  3. This has been wonderful projects and a lot of work, these designs are very heavy on the block work, you are mastering beautifully


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