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Monday, 20 June 2022


Many things can happen in two years. The Endrucks Project “ate” almost all my tatting time, but despite all the work I still love this project! A lot of tatters walked the same path and Muskaan and I have shared the beautiful story of many of them (you can find all posts listed in the section “Meet the Tatters” in the Endrucks 1920 Project Document): some are well known people in “Tatternet” and others not quite known outside of FB and today we present both who also happen to be former nurses!

Wally Esther Sosa is among the first group. She is a very well known talented tatter and designer, also known as NeedleDreams, a nickname she has long used for her site and her online shop.
She started working on the Endrucks book when it was first put online, in the Online Tatting Class. The previous pic is her “Victorian Lace” bracelet. That motif is derived from pattern n.10 and it was tatted in 2012. Then she promised earrings and choker/headband too, but life is unpredictable, and the years flew past…
When we started the Project in 2020 she immediately offered her generous help, committing herself to tat and share the patterns n.10 and n.5.

Samples and draft pdfs arrived, we had published them as they were at the time, but lately I found the right time to edit them again to add diagrams and detailed text to her stepwise pictures. Now there are new links for these two patterns:

-    PATTERN # 5 - Wally Sosa, Ninetta Caruso, Cynthia Dooley 
(This new file also includes needle tatting notes with stepwise pictures, by Cynthia Dooley)

-    PATTERN # 10 - Wally Sosa and Ninetta Caruso  -

If you want an overview of Wally’s tatting, she created a board in Pinterest, where there is a collection of tons of her tatting items:
Prolific designer, she has published many tatting books, covering diverse techniques, embellishments, applications, and skill levels.
Annually, since 2000, Wally has been sharing a birthday motif with The Online Tatting Class, founded by Georgia Seitz. Her last book “A Party of Tatting Designs” contains snowflakes, ice drops and motifs many of which have been designed for celebrating her birthdays.
Wally’s talents are not limited to tatting. She also learned – and sells – works in Tenerife Lace and Amigurimi crochet.
Some years ago, I think it was in 2019, she shared a lovely unique tatting effect, the “Polka Dot”, I have stolen the next picture from her facebook timeline, I hope she will forgive me, that is her Polka Dots with Rolled Picots:

She calls herself "Lupus Warrior": the disease makes her life really unpredictable being a show-stopper at times. But the Dreamer never gives up on dreams. Her strength and creativity insipire me. Staying positive and creating when you don’t feel well is not easy, that is something I experienced only for a short period in my life, hence I admire her good attitude.

“What I truly admire about Wally is her undying curiousity to learn and apply anything new that comes up in tatting. For instance using the Dora Young Knot filigree petals of this cute blue and white Ice Drop. Her thirst is infectious. Her penchant for coming up with fun patterns is inspiring. She was the one who coined the term ‘hybrid tatting’ for the use of both shuttle and needle in a same pattern/technique, and her combination of her Rolled Picot with my Intruding Picot – she called it Rolled Intruding Picot - in a flower motif is among the best so far.” - muskaan


Cynthia Dooley is among the very few needle tatters we have in our group. So when she picked pattern n.5 to needle-tat, we approached her to share her notes alongside. She willingly and enthusiatically sent in stepwise pictures of the edging, which she worked as per Wally’s pathway. The edging colourway is so cheerful and this is what she says: “Pattern #5 upside down it's an Easter basket with 2 eggs in it, then imagine all the other goods. I still have to sew it on my flour towel. My mom would have called it a "T" Towel. “

Life has proved unpredictable for Cynthia too. She graciously shared with us a little about herself: 

“My name is Cynthia Dooley a (disabled 2017) rehabilitation nurse (worked 34 years) was very difficult for me to share in the beginning. A long road of recovery.

I had a passion for tatting but never learned until 2017 - self taught through books and  YouTube. Struggled at first and all I can say is practice, practice, practice until things start to click.
I found FB groups "Beginners group", “Tatted Buttons” and “Ice Drop Addicts”. I learned even more from the posts and questions. I started with edgings attached to hankies/flour towels.
The groups referenced Muskaan. So I started reading blogs and  patterns.
Then I was invited to the Endrucks 1920 Project. I loved pattern #5 since it reminded me of an Easter basket upside down. Tatting has given me happiness,  friendship,  and a gift of giving.  Rarely do I keep a piece that I make with my heart & hands. I have cherished the comments and instruction others have given me; surely has helped me along my journey of tatting.”

Cynthia shares some of her tatted pieces with us:

She loves antique patterns made modern and can spend hours browsing through patterns!

We hope Cynthia works more patterns from our Endrucks’ collection and shares her needle tatting notes with the community.

Muskaan joins me in thanking Wally and Cynthia for their contribution to the Endrucks Project.
Ninetta and Muskaan.


Endrucks 1920 Project is a community project, where patterns from Endrucks’ German book of 1920 were converted to modern-style presentations and pdfs. We welcome you to join our Facebook group “Endrucks 1920 Project” (please read the group’s description and rules before joining: where the fun continues with derivative tatting, new variations, activities, etc. all within the gamut of Endrucks’ patterns.

Using the hashtag #Endrucks1920Project when posting in FB or Instagram, ensures that your pic will show up in a search.

If you enjoy sharing and experimenting, or even test-tatting, the group is waiting for you! All info and links to patterns (original and modern), including model images, are in the Endrucks 1920 Project Document, here: 

There is still a lot to explore and extract, derive and apply and scrolling through this document will give you an idea of the possibilities and beyond.


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