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Thursday, 25 August 2022

where tatting is still art

I've been absent from the blogsphere for many months now and sorry I'm still at large. If it weren’t for Endrucks this blog would have been silent. Instead, I've been very active on Facebook. During the years, on Facebook I’ve met many lovely tatters, virtual faces that sometimes have become real acquaintances and we've even met in real life. Not yet with one of them: I still haven't had the pleasure to meet Anna Tedesco in person, but I really would like to. 

A long necklace with single shuttle split rings, tatted by Anna in 2020.

All the pictures in this blogpost have been poached off her page by me, I confess my crime. But Muskaan and I wanted to give her a surprise, with this post, to express our gratitude for her constant help in the Endrucks 1920 Project. Anna, I hope you’ll forgive us for not asking your permission in advance.

In fact, inspite of not being among the “official” list of volunteers for the patterns, she worked behind the scene enthusiastically and promptly helping us on many occasions. She was also the one to coin the terms "Endrucks' children and grandchildren" for derivative patterns and derivatives of derivatives, when she made these bracelets!

Anna’s bracelets inspired by Paola Bevilacqua’s brooch, derived from Endrucks’ pattern n.18a (pic already shared by Muskaan in one of her blogposts)

Anna is an expert and excellent long-standing tatter. She collaborates as admin in the Italian group “Chiacchierino: filo, amore e fantasia” and leads her own page and group, both named "Tatting art". I've been following her personal profile too, where she usually posts great pictures of her region. She lives a little far from me, in Calabria, that is known for the many natural and art sites (seaside, parks, archeological sites, museums). Also, she likes flowers and cats, and these are often the main stars of her personal posts.

This pattern is from the 4th issue of “Mani di Fata” (1973). I couldn’t find when Anna tatted this piece of art, she writes “many years ago”.

This is her fb page: “Tatting art”
And this is the group linked to her page:

bracelet and necklace with interlocking split rings, tatted by Anna in early 2022.

It was very difficult to choose pics from her vast repertoire. Hence I encourage you to visit her page, where there is all her Art of Tatting: from old doilies to the latest earring. Anna, just like me and many other tatters, has started learning new techniques since the internet era. She usually says that she cannot design, that she needs patterns. But I think that she has put her personal touch everywhere, making each model unique. And she is a very prolific, highly appreciated tatted jewellery maker!

Hearts tatted by Anna in 2021.

I remember when she tatted the n.28 doily, actually many of them! Because for Anna one is not enough! When she finds a pattern or a subject that she likes, she can’t stop herself with merely 2 or 3 models!

And these are some of her Endrucks’ models!

She was my right-hand for the Italian translation for Endrucks' Preface. I trust her plain and dry style (reflection of her real-life job as an engineer). She is also very pragmatic and I remember that her help was decisive for setting the slant of the translation.
This is the direct link to the Italian Eleonore Endrucks’ Preface and Tips, based on the English translation done by Simone Beyer:

In 2019 she volunteered teaching her art to 2 dozen people: then she shared beautiful and promising pictures of her crowded tatting class: we started to call her "our Italian Tatyana"! (from the Russian master designer/tatter Tatyana Buyvolova who frequently shares photos of tatting by her young students on FB). In 2021 she repeated the experience and we wish her to come back to teaching soon!!

I have already introduced Anna in my blog, here:
And Muskaan wrote about Anna’s work related to Endrucks at least in 2 blogposts:


You know where to find all the patterns (they keep growing!) from Frau Endrucks and our Endrucks 1920 Project -

With many thanks,
Ninetta and Muskaan



  1. I'm speechless! just thank you, thank you very much Ninetta and Muskaan

  2. It's been a joy working with you, Anna ❤ Always so eager and willing to help, working diligently and conscientiously! I remember all the multiple models you have tatted from my patterns, too, and will always be grateful 🥰

  3. Very beautiful tatted pieces!!! :)
    ~Sue(Tatting Lace in Grace)

  4. Thank you, Anna for your work. And thank you Ninetta for recognizing her! I love looking at the tatting and am inspired by it all. Facebook and I have never found a way to coexist with respect. I fear we got off on the wrong foot and the algorithms won't help. Please continue to put tatting out there in your successful ways!

  5. A wonderful tribute to an accomplished tatter.

  6. A lovely tribute to all tatters using the Enducks patterns, Beautiful work on show, no the art of tatting is not dead

  7. Hello Ninetta, I hope you see my message as I see you've not been as active on your blog lately, is there an email where I can contact you? Many thanks! Mine is frivole(at)


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