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Saturday, 22 October 2022

treble happyness!

Treble tatting is now part of a published book! 

At the moment it is only in Italian, and available on Amazon:


UPDATE 30th April 2023 -

Currently, the first edition is no longer available, because it has been replaced by a second edition.

"Il chiacchierino è una cosa seria Second edition” – Amazon link:


I think the title can be translated like this: "Tatting is a serious matter". That is funny but there's a good reason, because I found an Italian book, from 1941, where tatting is described by this phrase: "they say that is not a serious thing" - I wrote about it in the introduction of the book and also in an old blog post of mine ( 

There are three chapters: the first covers the history of tatting, mainly from an Italian viewpoint. There are many contradictions and stereotypes about tatting, often confused (by non-tatters) with bottonhole stitch or with the "Fiandra a tre paia" bobbin lace. Some people cannot accept needle tatting. Also, just because we usually say that tatting has only 2 stitches, someone thinks that tatting is meagre. Sometimes it is not even classified as Lace! Alessandra Caputo writes in her foreword: "..., if on one hand needle and bobbin lace are indicated as laces with a capital L, on the other hand there are a whole series of laceworks considered "minor", sometimes with a history not less long and prestigious, which from a technical point of view are undoubtedly self-supporting and therefore can be rightly defined as lace." Phew! Thanks Alessandra!! 😊

In the second chapter there is the treble tatting. I improved my drawings for showing how to tat the treble stitch - and there are links to my videos, easily accessible thanks to qrcodes; I've used a free QR Code Generator:

The third chapter contains detailed instructions, pictures and diagrams for the Swirling Butterflies doily pattern. Maybe, some of you remember that I've shared here in my blog the first 3 rounds, and few people had tatted it. For example:

Jane McLellan (;

Muskaan (

You can find my old blogposts about this doily, all posts with label: swirling butterflies 

This beauty is a gift for a good friend! Many thanks to Alessandra Caputo ( to help make this book a reality.

And many thanks to Muskaan (for her foreword, and for the many tips and improvements, beyond my requests) and Paola Bevilacqua (, who both were so nice to test the doily pattern.

I've sent a gratitude gift to Muskaan and Paola, too! Muskaan was so nice to blog about hers:

The next is a third version of the doily, that I've already given away to a close friend of mine.



  1. Congratulations on the publication of your book Ninetta. It’s a wonderful contribution to the world of tatting. Tatting that is developing, moving forward and far from a dying or insignificant craft!

  2. Congratulations on the publishing your book, I know its been hard work, and its another contribution to the world of tatting

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!!!!! All this is happening also thanks to your precious help and support! :X We are sharing beautiful tatting adventures, aren't we?

    2. Whenever hubby receives a notification that one of our shared files is being edited by you, he tells me what a dictator I am to put 'the poor girl to work' 😁 Just yesterday I was telling him it is only because we work so well as a team that all this has been possible through so many years. I am truly thankful for You. 🥰

  4. Congratulations!!! :)
    I loved learning your treble tatting technique!! ;)

  5. Congratulations on the book! I put it on my Christmas wishlist for the kids. They took Italian in High School. I just may annoy them by asking them to translate!!

  6. Many congratulations on being a published author! So exciting, I'm delighted for you and wish you much success with the book.

  7. Felicidades !!


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.