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Friday, 24 March 2017


Not much to show you from the last days, I've been on the edgings for the hanky and for the rings' pillow (both finished) and I did a few more, something with bugle beads, testing a prototype for another edging, 5 and half rounds of Renulek's doily. Two weeks ago there was an exhibition of old laces here, organized by the local association, we had a lot of fun and learned too, about the history of lace in Italy. I've also been fiddling around without the shuttle! That's the good effect of the warm weather! I've also cleaned up the balcony and repot geranium, last year I had a colony of "Licenide" that it is a little beautiful butterfly but its caterpillar lives inside geranium's stem, I hope this year they will choose another balcony for their holiday resort.
Sorry, I digressed.
That is the rings' pillow, that I call finished as it is, I'll tack it in a piece of fabric and wash it, then it will be ready to be put away, I hope it will be used one day.

Then here it is the almost finished hanky, only one corner has still to be attached to the fabric:
 Oh, don't think that it's for blowing the nose!

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  1. The rings pillow is really beautiful Ninetta, so delicate and lovely. I hope it will be put to use some time. I like the edging too, Springy and cheerful!

  2. Awesome and stunning ring pillow border!!!! :)
    Fabulous hanky edging!!! :) May have to use it as a modern doily. :)

  3. That hanky is gorgeous! I've always wanted to tat that border, but found it fiddly. You have inspired me - once again! ❤️

  4. p.s. I enjoyed reading about your balcony guests...

  5. You must be a really good host to get group bookings :p :-f
    Seems like ages since I last saw you post something here (or did I miss a few?). All your work is so beautiful and dainty g-)

  6. The rings pillow is just stunning! I'm not very good with bare thread but this is inspiring!
    Sorry to hear about the geraniums but am hopeful for this year. Here, we must bring the geraniums inside or they won't survive the winter. They live in the basement with a grow lamp.

    1. Thank you Michelle :-f
      It'd be better bring plants inside here too, not all winters are mild weather, but my balcony has a good shelter

  7. The edging for the pillow is stunning, beautiful piece of tatting
    The hankies are beautiful
    I hope your summer visitors choose another home for the summer


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.