Tuesday, 3 May 2016

testing new cheap shuttles

Do you have an idea why shuttles disappear? I thought I had a lot, but it was not so, then I bought some more. When I asked for my usual little cheap (€ 1,00) plastic shuttles, they gave me those instead:

The producer is the same, but they changed everything: the smoothness is different, the plastic - material - is another type, the metallic central pivot disappeared. I had to refine it, "knock the rough edges off", I used a nail file, that never happened with previous model. The shuttle slips and drops often. Do I just need to get used to them?

That shuttle challenged me, so I must use it... guess what I'm tatting with it! An easy guess this time! I'll give you the pattern in next post/posts (I don't know how many), hope you would like tatting it with me, with your shuttles!

And here it is a glance to what happened to some shuttles... After tatting few coloured bracelets I have leftovers, but what I can do to empty them? Suggestions needed!

um abraço
( )
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Friday, 29 April 2016

green carpet (and roses)

Thread is dmc size 80, white and green (col.num. 368). Doily's pattern is from a drawing I have done in 2011, but actually I was not happy with it, I had never tatted the "real doily". Now I think those roses are a beautiful complement. For perfection's lovers, there are many flaws, chains in last row are 10-10 outside and 7-7 inside, but some have been tatted wrongly, and a couple of rings are not the right stitches' count. Those roses also, they are exactly the number of roses that I have tatted, that is I kept those not centred and not perfect. You see what happen here when Mr Meticulous go out for a week!

Roses' pattern is by Jeanne Lugert and can be found here:

Here it is with another background.

I played with an app in my smartphone, too.

That was the doily half done. There are the central part, tatted around the first rose. Then there's the round showed in previous picture. All around there are 6 triangular motifs that are joined to roses, and everything is surrounded by the last sinuous round.

joigin, bāaibaai
( )
That's a great site for anyone interested in languages:

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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

sharing is fun!

Thanks a lot for the great time I had yesterday with Georgia Seitz and The Online Tatting Class !

I shared a tutorial where some alternate methods to curl rings are listed, something a bit different from CRs, but it's everything explained there, if you please:

Thanks a lot to Muskaan. She was precious for encouraging, correcting my English and testing everything (EVERYTHING!!!).

I also prepared a pdf with 4 bracelets' patterns, where those effects are used. You can be surprised by me this time, they have even a name! Instead of bracelet #1, #2, etc, I called them "Bracelets Capriccio", if you are curious about that name, in Italian "capriccio" means whim. There's an idiomatic expression that says "ogni riccio un capriccio" ("riccio" means curl). Literally it is: [curly-haired people have] one whim for each curl, that is a way to joke with someone who has a temporary fancy/desire. It is nice, by no means rude, even with people with straight hair :-) 


(Update to add the link to a closely related post by Muskaan: )

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Friday, 22 April 2016

beautiful roses

I fell in love with this little roses!
On the third attempt, I started again from the original pattern. The white thread was hidden using Miranda's method of finishing with an SSSR, but I anchored the loop with the long green tail. In the same loop, I added a second shuttle, loaded with green thread:

The pattern of my base motif (under the rose) is 6 rings of 10-10, separated by chains with 3ds each.
I finished the little motif before "spiralling" the line of SR:
One green tail was cut and used to be threaded in picots, the other one was hanging from the back side of the motif. Then I used the rounded side of the crochet hook as an helper to wind the rose.
On the back, I just knotted the two ends.
I like how it turned out, but a rigorous scientific experiment it is proved true only if it is reproducible. Then I went. I have four roses now. That's all? I don't think so! I want to use an Italian expression: "Mi è venuta un'ideuzza..." (that means I have an idea how to use them but I hesitate to share it!!)
 Αντίο! )
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Thursday, 21 April 2016

lilliputian rose

Thank you very much for your comments in last post  and at least 2 of you guessed right about the rose!

Thread is dmc size 80, white and green (col.num. 368). The finished rose measures half an inch in diameter.
Pattern is by Jeanne Lugert and can be found here:

The white thread was hidden in the last SR with Miranda's method of finishing with an SSSR (link is on the sidebar on the left under "Resources"), but blocked with the green tail.

I left a long green tail and passed it to the back side, inside the center of the rose. I started the motif below using that tail and another shuttle with green thread, that is the first round of the green motif that peeps out under the rose. It wasn't easy because of the 3D rose and the narrow space.
But the rose ended up off-center (Note that Mr. Meticulous was here again!).

So I had another go, but this time I started from the motif at the base:
I followed the pattern from the last SR to the first, and everything was going well but then I mixed up the two long green tails while inserting them inside the rose, from the front side to the back. I wish I had the tools of a watchmaker :) Anyway, now it is positioned almost at the center of the base motif, but that resulted misshapen.

That is a collage with both roses close together, in the right - with the bigger back motif - there is that one tatted with the original instructions. I think that it is better than the rose on the left:

I'm not sure though, so I'm on another lilliputian rose. Now I want to start as the original, not finishing the rose but tatting the motif and at the end winding the line of sr. I'll show you pictures in next post, maybe tomorrow.

I love this pattern!

La revedere )

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

bride's earrings

That's good! two earrings and both with the same pattern!!

... about all other prototypes:
The blue one remains as a pendant, 'cause I run out the same silk.
The brown one had its sibling - they are not twins though - and I wear them proudly, they aren't so showy as I thought before.
The white/cream version was more like the final pattern, so I made a second one and they are almost equal - ears are far enough.

Now it's time to shelve the plastic [aehm, polyester], so I resumed my shuttles loaded with dmc Special Dentelles size 80. Ah! It's nice to come back to the softness of the cotton! Next post. A clue? A classic by Jeanne Lugert... Did you already guess?

Hei hei (HAY-hay), Moi moi (MOI-moi) )
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Friday, 15 April 2016

a bride's necklace

Well, it ruffles a lot, I think next time I should put less beads.
It needed a little blocking, but at the end it was not so bad...

I forgot to show you how I put all those beads in chains without going crazy!  I put  beads a few at a time in the segment of core thread between the little finger and the stitches, then I hadn't to wind and unwind anything, the beads were already handy.

It's not perfect, not so taking, with all its cuts and adds of thread it is quite a disaster. But, I hope, it will find a recipient, someday.
Next post: Now I need... earrings to match !

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