Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Chatting with friends and Sue F. of the Online Tatting Designers Class it's always very very inspiring, this time they mentioned the JSS, a join that I hadn't tried yet.

Also, I wanted to tat something with a lovely thread that the generous Colours' Fairy Fox has just sent me, a Lizbeth size 80, number 154, "Wildflower garden".

Actually I have one pattern in the set "granny squares" that I wanted to tat again and it has onion rings, where I could have tried the JSS, so I looked into my fantastic notebook (that I started just because Sue F. had insisted - thank you so much!) and found the drawing/scribble of "quad_25".

The JSS is the Anne Dyer's join, "join to the smooth side", there's a video by Karen Cabrera:

In former square, the motif tatted last year (green and yellow in pics), I used a normal slope and roll join, that's different from JSS only for the fact that the S&R has a back side, a quibble with size 80 thread and my eyesight! But I like more the JSS join and I think I'll use it again, instead of the S&R.

That is a pattern that needs a revision, too. One motif alone needs some blocking, while the ruffle disappears when 4 are joined together. United we stand, it seems!

I'm a little shy to share my attempts to filèt lace, there's A LOT of flaws. Anyway, that it is one:
It is worked with the help of a wooden frame, then the embroidery is on the stretched net.


Monday, 5 October 2015

200 posts! - blog anniversary and 100,000 visits!

Wow, I can't believe it! Thank you so much to everyone who visited and a big hug for all your support and encouragement, that keeps me motivated to tatting, because - you know - tatting is beautiful but if you can tat with your friend's help it is even more beautiful!

I won't run a giveaway but revised an old pattern that I hadn't yet put in Flickr, a butterfly that I designed in 2011 and that inspired a new design that I wish to tat before this Christmas. There are a lot of UFO in my bag, but maybe I'll bore you to beg a little encouragement, one more time again!

I've plans to share a tutorial with photos to show how I tat that butterfly.

A giveaway? No I don't think so, I googled and found some sites where you are warned that it's similar to a contest and there could be a fine, a financial penalty, gosh... Mad mad world! (or better, I must say mad mad Italy!):
About the last 2 days...

I met again those ladies from Bosa, they taught us a bunch of new stitches that I absolutely wish to incorporate in little doilies. That filèt lace is taking, I still don't know how much this could influence my tatting, but for sure they must live side by side in my craft space, they both need a lot of care!
But... what were they telling me to make me laugh in that way?

Friday, 2 October 2015


"Chiacchierino facilissimo" it means "very easy tatting", that is exactly how difficult it was tatting this dahlia!

I used the button as a brooch or alternatively buttoned up a chain of split rings and used as a collar.

It is one shuttle pattern. I used a dmc metallic thread for embroidery, 2 strands, and a silk thread size 3. Two rounds of rings (you can choose the size, for example I tatted rings with 6-9-6) joined one another in opposite direction, that is the third it's joined to the first, then the fourth to the second, 6 repetitions for the first round that is the inner part of the flower:

I brought the thread on the bottom part of the flower, didn't cut the thread, and continued with the second round, a lock join to the base of first petal it helps the stability:

Here it is the flower at the end of the inner round, there's a glass ball inside and a pencil:

Before starting the outer round, I left a little bare of thread:

10 or 12 repetitions for the outer round. I sewed the button and the red agate beads at the end, using - in part - the tail left from the shuttle.


Wednesday, 30 September 2015

too many irons

... that's not referred to my disinclination to iron clothes (except tatted hankies), but to all those working in progress projects that are only a short step back to be called UFO. Too many irons in the fire.

Just remembering that I should have done the bookmark for September, too :(

There's no reason to worry, they will be finished in a dozen of years or two! I'm still young!

But there are even more irons on the fire! This coming weekend those ladies from Bosa, masters of their Sardinian filèt called  “SU LÀURU 'OSINCU”, will be here again, as they did last year. One of them is Mimmina Pinna. I can't wait to learn something new from her!
I found a link with info, but it's in Italian:

And for Christmas? It's quite the right time to start thinking what to do as a xmas project. More tatting on the go!

It couldn't miss here a picture I've taken in Milano, a sculpture called
"Needle, Thread and Knot", by Claes Oldenburg and Coosje van Bruggen.


Monday, 28 September 2015

hide or not to hide

I tatted again the wheel in 3 colours, but this time I left 2 tails at the start and used them to connect the last ring. I like it better.  
Muskaan previously commented to hide the pink thread under the last half stitch of purple rings (mentioning a suggestion by Judith Connors about another motif somewhere), but actually I like how the pink peeks out. What do you think?

The other city we visited this summer was Milano, we was among all those huge number of people that visited Expo, I've heard that one quarter of Italians did the same. I've some photo to share from Milano, too.
 Here it was the Duomo of Milano, routine maintenance, of course...

 ... and that was Hungary Pavilion for Expo, there was a loom and people who were spinning.

We managed to be at Expo only one day, too short time because it's enormous. We could queue into those pavilions with few people wishing to enter in, we couldn't go inside Italy's or Japan's for example, I've heard that 2 Saturdays ago it required hours (from 3 to 7!) to enter in!


Friday, 25 September 2015

use it safely

If it happens to feel a strong desire to learn a new type of lace, I try to use the new obsession safely in any combination with tatting.

If you ask around, they always recommend the importance of a varied diet.

Center has been made in Sardinian Bosa filet lace, a type of embroidery on a handmade net, so there're two techniques to learn.
I used dmc thread size 60.


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.