Wednesday, 22 April 2015

pride and prejudice

Do you have any prejudice against my laziness? I can hear your hearty laugh looking at my new pattern in flickr: yes, it is exactly that, only a cloverleaf pattern!! (or trefoil, how do you call it?) I admit, I'm quite ashamed for putting a copyright on it!!

But, then, here it is, the pattern for the edging  with curled onion rings:
edging with curled onion rings, a photo by ninettacaruso on Flickr

I'm quite proud, instead, of my "new tatter" friend Rosalba. She started tatting in January, and now she's almost independent. As a little reward (and because she decided to put tatting aside for a while and start learning bobbin lace) I gave her the first book by Annamaria, "Chiacchierino, i gioielli", very cheerful and full of lovely tatted jewellery (

This tatting was done by Rosalba:
Just to say sorry and to receive your forgiveness for not having new tatting by myself, I'd like to give you a link to an absolutely wonderful site of tatting, by a master of tatting in Ukraine, Elena Ignatova:


Friday, 17 April 2015

earrings' pattern
earrings with curled ring, a photo by ninettacaruso on Flickr


Thursday, 16 April 2015

tips off and top-secrets

I'm a follower of Muskaan's T*I*P*S blog, and you can imagine how happy I was, reading that she found the time to play with those curled - or folded - rings that I showed in my previous post.

I finished the bookmark of the month, tatted in dmc size 80 thread.
segnalibro-aprile, a photo by ninettacaruso on Flickr

I wonder how it would have been tatting without so many people that generously share their work online. I've learned a lot from online classes, videos, sites, blogs... A big hug to all my web-teachers!

There're a lot of wonderful laces almost disappeared now, just because who could work it didn't share it.

I found an amazing site with a little known type of needle lace, hungarian, named "Halas Lace".
It's gorgeous, impressive, and .. oh well, you can add many more pretty adjectives, if you have a look at this site:

What captured my attention was a phrase that I found in this site:

"The needlework of Halas Lace is top secret; only a few, eleven in number, women and girls in Kiskunhalas know it at all times."


Csipkevarrók Kiskunhalas 1

Thursday, 9 April 2015

put the right way up

Sorry, don't fret.

I don't want me to appear impudent if I say that this tatting has a back side... It isn't FS/BS tatting, in case you're wondering. If it happened, it was absolutely unintentional.


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

T. De Dillmont - Plate V, figure 25

 dillmontPlateVfig25, a photo by ninettacaruso on Flickr

Thérèse de Dillmont, during her very short life, only 44 years, wrote the wondeful and evergreen handbook "The Encyclopedia of Needlework", that now we can also enjoy online:

The chapter about tatting is chapter X. She also wrote a DMC pubblication specifically about tatting, that can be find here: Tatting by Thérèse de Dillmont, at
(Thank you Georgia!!!)

In last post, inspired by the motif tatted in 2011 by Gina Brummet, I tried to tat again the motif in fig. 25, PlateV, using more modern techniques.

The "modernized" pattern takes advantage of split rings and floating (or thrown off) rings.

Floating rings are simple rings thrown off a chain or off the second half of a split ring. Jane Eborall (thanks!!!) has one of her wonderful pages here:

That is the basic technique. I played a little with the size of the central ring, that lift up like a little bas-relief. I like a lot the final effect.


Sunday, 5 April 2015

Gina's gift

That is she, who I'm referring to:

She had a gift for tatting, she shared a lot giving us her beautiful tatting pics as a gift, an inspiration for everybody.

I started another bookmark, thread is dmc size 80. Playing with SRs and floating rings, the little central ring can be done continuosly.
Buona Pasqua!
Happy Easter!