Wednesday, 4 March 2015

part II - a photo-tutorial for quad_13

Part I is in previous post.

After the first corner, pattern repeats the side part with two ecrù rings and the coloured trefoil:

It's always there to bother, the gap between the first ds of the chain and the last ring. I try to use my middle finger of the left hand to get the first half closer, then keep it in place with thumb and forefinger and tat the second half. This works for me. I don't care too much about the core thread in this point, because then it will be pushed in place with the rest of the chain.

The second corner, with the coloured ring of 10-10 joined to the trefoil:

The third side is always the same: 2 rings ecrù (5+5+10-10 and 10+10-5-5) and a trefoil (10+5-5 then 5+5+(to center)5-5 then 5+5-10).

After the 3rd corner, while tatting the last ring in the trefoil, don't forget to join to the very first ring in the first trefoil:

Then remember to join the last ring in the last corner to the very first ring tatted in ecru:

The last chain is tatted normally but I learned - and love - this method from Frivole (thank you very much!) to hide ends at the end:

She has got a great photo-tutorial in one of her sets in flickr, but I don't put inside both ends, at the end only the core thread is inside the last chain. I'm afraid ends would pull out. I hide the other end with the help of the magic trick loop that I put in the start ring. At least, there's only one end to hide!

I finished, and you?


Sunday, 1 March 2015

a photo-tutorial for quad_13

I've prepared a photo tutorial of "quad_13", the same square pattern that I followed tatting the bookmark in january.

This time I've used two shuttles wound with size 40 thread in two colours, DMC ecrú and Lizbeth col.157.

Last year I put a visual pattern for this square in flickr, here is the link:
but I haven't had any feedback and there's an error, too. Sorry!

I like it a lot, so I thought to share with you some photos, while I was tatting it.

I start with two "detached" motifs, then I connect them in the very first chain. I also prepare a little loop for the magic thread trick to be used at the end of the square.

Then I put them together:

After the chain, I start the first corner: a ring with the coloured thread...

...and a bunch of rings with the ecrú thread:

Then I continue with another chain 5-5-5 and a ring, for the second side of the square:

Here it comes the SCMR in order to tat the little ring in the center:

I leave a little bare of thread when I start the central ring, that will be a mock picot there.

I should stop now but the tutorial isn't finished yet and I'll continue it in the next post.


Friday, 27 February 2015


Starting the last round without that thread in a proper reserve, it shows a complete lack of foresight.

After all I'm short-sighted.


Sunday, 15 February 2015

even larger

The so famous large centerpiece is going to be even larger. I didn't read carefully instructions for the 2nd row, where I must have left 3 rings out. The result is that now I will have 18 motifs to tat all around instead of 15. Well, I can live with it!

I'm quite puzzled about colours: I'm uncertain if that "dark antique mauve" is a good choice.

Better have a break! I've come back to the design of the bookmark...

On Saturday we went to the shopping center Euroma2, in Rome, I took some photos for you. Chandeliers are bigger than my kitchen!


Friday, 13 February 2015

fast forward

I had a dizzy spell when I run around so quickly.

Ten rounds done, now I'm on 15 motifs. 15? Yes, they are. That is the first time for me, I've never started something with 18 repetitions and then finished it with 15!

Crazy tatting!


Tuesday, 10 February 2015


"La vispa Teresa" it's a very well known poem here in Italy, it was written around the mid 1800's by Luigi Sailer and then there's a satirical continuation by Trilussa written in 1917.

<< La vispa Teresa
avéa tra l’erbetta
a volo sorpresa
gentil farfalletta,
e tutta giuliva
stringendola viva
gridava a distesa:
“L’ho presa, l’ho presa!” ...>>

I've caught a little butterfly with a little tatted ring, and I'm merrily shouting "I got it, I got it!"