Monday, 23 March 2015


I've been designing another bookmark, if you scroll down you will find it, finished. The coloured spool in the picture is the second gift I had from Maria, it's 100% cotton, too much soft for tatting, Venne Colcoton Multicolour. I web-surfing and found an amazing site, where it's shown miniature knitting made using that type of yarn: Miniature Knitting by Helena Bleeker

In the background, there are some dmc balls that I picked together to make up my mind to start Tomoko Morimoto's doily. I'm still dithering. I should wait for available Lizbeth size 80 (colour 131) in Italy (it seems only size 20 and 40 are arrived up to my country) to finish Anne Orr's large centerpiece, so I need another distraction to fiddle with!

I love learning new English words, it helps me to be as close as possible to what really I am like. Mother-tongue language is the flow of your thoughts, a second language is the attempt to be honestly you.

I discovered that yesterday (February 21) was also "the 15th anniversary of the UNESCO declaration of International Mother Language Day". So I've been "googling" around about machine translators and I found an interesting video in this site (that reinforce my firm belief that it's a sort of blender) :

But I love google translator! I had a comment in Vietnamese last week, I met a thai sweet lady and I chatted with a so kind polish friend, both in FB. A Korean follower has her own blog ( and I've become her follower. How could I've ever done any of this, without my dear trans-mixer?


Wednesday, 18 March 2015

never without a pochette

It's inconvenient for any Lady.

Not me, I often go out without a bag!

I didn't glue, it's all sewed.
It's 20cm high.


Monday, 16 March 2015

dress dolls games

When did I stop dressing dolls? I can't remember but it could be yesterday... I bought that little porcelain doll in a market stall and it's got perfect colour's match with the mad tiny doily.

More is coming soon!


Sunday, 8 March 2015


It's better to keep away from crazy tatters - madness could be contagious - but you simply can't, if they're sweet and so kind with you. So it happens with Maria.

She came for a couple of days to my town and gave me a wonderful thread - she said - that she was very confident that I could have liked tatting with.

Mad woman! (I know you're there reading!) It is Maidera Polyneon, 100% polyester, very thin embroidery thread. Tatting with it it's a true madness!! And what if I need to retrotat? Shivers down the back...

It is very strong, I've read that it's also resistant to chlorine bleach. Anyway, it is beautiful coloured and shining and I can't disappoint her, she is always very nice, she never forget to give me even a little gift. Thank you, dear friend!

Pattern is from a publication that I've had for many years, it was the first and only one tatting book that I had got for ages. I already tatted the doily some years ago using dmc size 80 thread, ecru and light blue.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

part II - a photo-tutorial for quad_13

Part I is in previous post.

After the first corner, pattern repeats the side part with two ecrù rings and the coloured trefoil:

It's always there to bother, the gap between the first ds of the chain and the last ring. I try to use my middle finger of the left hand to get the first half closer, then keep it in place with thumb and forefinger and tat the second half. This works for me. I don't care too much about the core thread in this point, because then it will be pushed in place with the rest of the chain.

The second corner, with the coloured ring of 10-10 joined to the trefoil:

The third side is always the same: 2 rings ecrù (5+5+10-10 and 10+10-5-5) and a trefoil (10+5-5 then 5+5+(to center)5-5 then 5+5-10).

After the 3rd corner, while tatting the last ring in the trefoil, don't forget to join to the very first ring in the first trefoil:

Then remember to join the last ring in the last corner to the very first ring tatted in ecru:

The last chain is tatted normally but I learned - and love - this method from Frivole (thank you very much!) to hide ends at the end:

She has got a great photo-tutorial in one of her sets in flickr, but I don't put inside both ends, at the end only the core thread is inside the last chain. I'm afraid ends would pull out. I hide the other end with the help of the magic trick loop that I put in the start ring. At least, there's only one end to hide!

I finished, and you?


Sunday, 1 March 2015

a photo-tutorial for quad_13

I've prepared a photo tutorial of "quad_13", the same square pattern that I followed tatting the bookmark in january.

This time I've used two shuttles wound with size 40 thread in two colours, DMC ecrú and Lizbeth col.157.

Last year I put a visual pattern for this square in flickr, here is the link:
but I haven't had any feedback and there's an error, too. Sorry!

I like it a lot, so I thought to share with you some photos, while I was tatting it.

I start with two "detached" motifs, then I connect them in the very first chain. I also prepare a little loop for the magic thread trick to be used at the end of the square.

Then I put them together:

After the chain, I start the first corner: a ring with the coloured thread...

...and a bunch of rings with the ecrú thread:

Then I continue with another chain 5-5-5 and a ring, for the second side of the square:

Here it comes the SCMR in order to tat the little ring in the center:

I leave a little bare of thread when I start the central ring, that will be a mock picot there.

I should stop now but the tutorial isn't finished yet and I'll continue it in the next post.


Friday, 27 February 2015


Starting the last round without that thread in a proper reserve, it shows a complete lack of foresight.

After all I'm short-sighted.