Tuesday, 20 June 2017

naughty sewing thread!

Again about cabochons and a new video of mine.

Earrings with buttons (backside tatting is equal to front, Russian method - as far as I know). There are Usha's dot picots in chains, hardly visible in that picture, it's a pity, they are pretty and delicate. She made a video to show how to tat dot picots: Dot Picot in Tatting by Usha Shah
Thread is HWT, one thread is Finca light gold (Hilo Metalizado, 1000mts, Presencia Hilaturas), double strand, 35% polyester and 65% Viscose, the second one is an anonymous metallic sewing thread.

About HWT, please read this post by Jane Eborall:
Tatting and not a lot else!: HWT
I made a video to show how I'm winding the shuttle HWT, one of which is a very hard to manage metallic sewing thread. I've some spools of various brands, all of them unroll very easy and I soon look like a cat tangled in its yarn ball. You won't see me tangled in the video, in fact I'm sharing my way to fill the shuttle without having a headache.

In next picture there are cabochons made with my method that is tatting two rounds of rings and chains around the stone, but is seems that it doesn't work! I made 19 rings and it was very loose, so well I didn't worry and I changed it for another stone, then I made 18 rings and it was still loose, the last is 17 rings and it is loose again! Ah! this naughty HWT has got elastic properties! I bet it will work with 16 rings... no, I'd better don't bet.

In the two on the notebook, rings are 4-4-4, chains are 4-4. I think I must change the stitches' count. The stones are 3cm wide and 4cm high and they are thick.

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

international drop addiction

Thank you very much for your nice comments in my last post.😍🌹

That's the international story: after last year Edda Guastalla's tutorial on Etsy ("Come si costruisce un castone a chiacchierino", tutorial and 14 patterns), many tatters around the world became addicted in making bezels with tatting, especially Diane, who wrote a very clear Ice Drop Tutorial and started her VERY contagious series of ice drops, two or more per days for months, so beautiful that any attempt to resist is vain. There are many other patterns online in "Tatternet" (the internet looks like that if you only look for tatting!).

I had resisted till last week, but now you can say I've taken the worst infection.

I remembered a clear post in 2014 by Corina about Tatting and cabochons, then I followed her instructions for the method she had found in a Russian forum. Fast said: you tat detached R1 and R2 with the shuttle, then a chain, then tat R3 joined to R1, and in the same place tat R4 joined to R2. Continue with another chain and so on, R5 joined to R3, R6 joined to R4, chain again...
Those are stones, quartz. The method is simple and versatile (ops! another English word equal in Italian!), in fact the two rings, that you tat in the same place, let you fine-tune the bezel as you go around, there isn't the need of many prototypes to find the right measure. Corina mentions that you can draw the shape and plan ahead a little your path. I found that is better stay a bit larger, because stones have their thickness and they are all different. My first trials are very basic though.

In the next, R1 is 4-4-4, R2 is 6-4-6, chain is 6-6.

Thread is almost a size 70, HWT (ask Jane Eborall the acronym), the thin multicolour is metallic Madeira.
The next is tatted with DMC 283 metallic silver, "he" is the most photogenic in the group...
Pattern is like Diane's, in fact it has been tatted one side then, without cutting the thread, the other side.
These are black faceted glass beads.

The next are handmade glass beads that I bought in Venice in 2015, pattern is following the Russian method, then I added one or two rounds with curled rings. R1 and R2 are 8-3-8.
The next  is another stone (agate?) that I bought in the local market some time ago, pattern is equal to the cabochon that I tatted and showed in a post of June 2014 (unexpected lifeless vitality), they are two equal rounds, rings are 3-4-3 and chains are 4-4, I had to guess the number of rings because you can't say that it fits the stone till you had tatted everything, so it isn't an easy method, at least one prototype is needed. I added the last outer round of chains at the end. I don't feel to recommend this method. Thread is HWT but the little spool with sewing thread hasn't a label, I can't remember where it is from.

That in next pic is a clear glass bead, I've bought 2 but in one the hook had broken. Thread is dmc 283, sorry I didn't write down the stitch count.
Finished? Oh no! I still have a spool and miles of gold thread!

And that is an empty cage, "non tutte le ciambelle riescono col buco", i.e. things can't be expected to turn out right every time.

Now I should choose one of the drops to match with my new silk dress, if ever it will be finished in time for a wedding in early July I have been invited to.

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Renulek's doilies

Just two in my personal list, but very pretty and beautiful patterns!
In the next pic there's the Wiosna 2016 under the newer Wiosna 2017, that is a little smaller, diameter is 30cm in size 80 thread.

I had a lot of fun playing with rounds and colours! Thank you very much, Renata!

Her patterns are in her blog ( and also listed in her shop.

I put a picture in my album in Flickr, too.


This time I put aside the phone and took a real camera to take photos. It's not a great camera, almost self-acting, I'd only have to push the button. I set the close up and tried it on flowers. That is the verbena in my balcony, did you know that the name of this flower is the same in Italian? I've just learnt it! I also discovered that in Wikipedia there is a "List of English words of Italian origin", very interesting, and they even wrote that the list is incomplete!

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

are you serious?

I'm still tatting the last rounds of Wiosna 2017...

Very relaxing tatting but lately I seem to be more relaxed than my usual, I'm tatting so slowly and haven't started anything new.

On Saturday I went to a lace meeting, in Zagarolo, near Rome, they were almost all bobbin lacers, I met only one tatter, so I'm serious we were two of us among an hundred of lacers. I spent all the time chatting mostly and the doily, oh well we can ask if "she" loved the short drive but I doubt will answer.

I was prepared to spend money but I resisted - just a little of resistance, I'm not strict. I found a book that I was looking for and was in sale for the fair, that is "Dizionario Enciclopedico di Lavori Femminili", first edited in 1941 and lately reprinted (I bought the reprinted edition of course).

Amazing book, the author, Lucia Petrali Castaldi, worked 9 long years and also added, for some entries, the name that the same item got or had got in Italian dialects, that's a lot of work! And there are beautiful drawings and illustrations.

So, it happens 😉 that I opened the page at "Chiacchierino", and the incipit is like a gut punch: "they say that is not a serious thing" and continue "in fact in french it is called frivolousness" but then it is included because is beautiful, strong and many women know it.

Poor tatting!

I don't change my mind, despite the authoritative and respected writer, tatting is a serious kind of lace, you can't tat and chat - retro-tatting is difficult and stressful - it needs passion like any other lace and it's beautiful, and did I say that? It's beautiful! I'm very very serious!!

I leave you with two pics from the stall of Deruta Majolica Beads, they sell handmade and hand painted heads, to make and dress yourself a little doll,  "La mi' cocca Deruta®" that is a creation by Anna Lisa Piccioni of  "Le Antiche Fuseruole Deruta" (Deruta Majolica Beads, there's a site in English: ). They sell outside Italy too and you can find her also on facebook.


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

join to the smooth side

I'm sorry that I've nothing new here, I'm still tatting the last two rounds of Wiosna2017 designed by Renulek, you can find the pattern in her blog (Frywolitki, Tatting, Chiacchierino).

It's running smooth, her patterns are always a pleasure to tat, thank you very much for the fun Renata! There's another fun in this kind of patterns, the fact that you feel free to relax and tat the way you like. I think I could share how I'm tatting the last round. I've seen in the net that each of us have their favourite method to tat the pointed element in the last round and I like a lot looking at your tatting. Also, that makes me reflect how many different ways there are, to have such a slightly similar result.

So here it is my tip for the tip 😉 : the JSS

The JSS is the Anne Dyer's join, "join to the smooth side", there's a video by Karen Cabrera:

First of all, I'm tatting the last and second last rounds together, like in my previous post here:

I'm tatting counterclockwise, chains are worked with unflipped stitches, in reverse order (second half first). Round 12 has been tatted with the plastic yellow shuttles showed in pictures, except one ring, then round 13 with the light blue shuttles.

So, also the JSS has to be done in reverse.

Descriptions are added below pics. Please note that what I've tatted it isn't an onion ring.
(I've added a picot in the chain to add stability, that's the only change I did in the stitches' count, so the chain is 10-2 before the central ring, then after it is 2+10)

That is the pointed element: both rings tatted close together, without reversing work. Then the chain starts with reverse stitches in reverse order.

Here it is the JSS: second half unflipped then with the crochet's hook I took the loop and passed it through the picot, then the light blue thread passed inside the loop that is the core shuttle, not the working shuttle with ecrù. Then I continued the chain.

Here it is the element finished, I took the light blue thread and made a lock join at the bare thread between those two rings.

Before I forget, there's another thing, about the little ring 2-2-1-2-2 that belong to round 12, that I've tatted with the core thread in light blue in round 13. I don't remember when I started, but it's been long time that I tat only the second half of a ds after each normal join. But in this case, the ring is so tiny that I'm tatting a complete double stitch in the centre, it looks more balanced in my opinion. OK you're right, I need a powerful kind of lens to distinguish, but the camera zoom helps indeed.
I went to Rome last week, and bought some fabrics that -I hope- will become a dress, if I'll be able to sew it! I was in Largo Argentina, it used to be a great place where finding any kind of fabric, I've nice memories of about 30-40 years ago with my mum and aunts, there were many fabric shops, great offers and wide choice. Now there's only one shop but with nice people and very good fabric, "Azienda Tessile Romana".
I've learnt that in that square, each year, they perform a historical reconstruction of the Ides of March, when Caesar was assassinated. (
There are many nice cats that took my attention.
Lately I went in L'Aquila, too. Not yet recovered from the earthquake in 2009, and the earth never sleeps 😟, but strong people try to make stand up that beautiful city again.
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Thank you very much for all your nice comments.