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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

all in all it's just another

...flake in the snow 🙂

Can I call it "the equilateral snowflake"?

Bugle beads are 9mm and 2mm long, all were strung and it is only one round.

I need at least another week to write the pattern.

Green thread is Penny 30 from Edda Guastalla's shop ("Fili & Gioielli a chiacchierino" in Facebook).
White thread is size 50 DMC Cordonnet Special, color B5200.

Can you spot the treble tatting stitches? 🥰

Useful links (some snowflakes' free patterns, I know this list can be longer!):
My patterns (six pointed motifs):

UPDATE: Pattern is in Flickr:
equilateral snowflake

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

sizing snowflakes

That's not about melting real snowflakes, till they reach the right size, even if that can sound like a solution!

I need more snowflakes, a little bird told me "25", wonder why! But the real problem is finding the right size to fit in a dollhouse!
Even that one looks a wee bit out of proportion!

Maybe, could it work like a suncatcher instead?
The maximum size, I think, should be 1cm.
But those tiny tiny snowflakes are so lovely that I cannot stop myself tatting after the first round, then I have to go and finish them, eventually they can find another "home"!

Thread is twisted silk, produced by "Tecnoseta srl".


In the next picture, motifs are near an euro cent, all tatted following Sharon Briggs' patterns, you can find her links collected in this post in her blog:

Then, there's the Paisley snowflake by Muskaan (I've talked about it in a previous post); the little one on the left is the same centre and then I added a simple round with rings equal to her second round and chains are 6-6-6, that is really good sized for a xmas tree for the dollhouse. I can use that pattern in more colours.

But first, going to try more snowflakes' patterns, there are many very generous tatters that have shared their own patterns, both in books and for free, it's a snowstorm out there!

In next post, I will share a list of links for free snowflakes' patterns and - maybe, maybe... - a new pattern from my side that you all can size out...


Tuesday, 30 July 2019

sitting in mum's sitting room

Made as a gift, for my mum, I've been helped by "Dalì L'artista" (*).
My mum loves it!

The back's been decorated with soft "fommy", a soft plastic material.

I've talked about the tatted frame here:
and about the doily on the little table here:
The little cushions were in one of my old posts (2017!!!), where I also shared my adaptation of Mrs Odum daisy for one of them:

The sansevieria has been made by my aunt (the one who received the "tailor's room" I showed recently):
It's very clever of her, she thought to put pepper powder into the pot, to mimic the ground!


(*) "Dalì L'artista" is the lady that decorates the shuttles that are in my photos, she has a profile in Facebook:

Tuesday, 23 July 2019


It isn't a typo! That's how "paisley" translates in Italian, the words make weird journeys around the world and this one came into Italian from French during the Napoleonic era (according to Treccani online), after the shawls with the characteristic pattern, made with the light and soft wool imported from Kashmir, in India.

From India comes the pattern too, it's designed by Muskaan, you can read about it here:

Thread is twisted silk, produced by "Tecnoseta srl". There's a sewing pin near my tatting:

It's a pity that those Josephin Rings don't show well, it was tricky tatting. In fact, the first two ones are two mishaps. Then, from the third on, I  discovered that it closes better with another thread as an helper, that is a short thread folded in half and passed through the ring before pulling the ring's thread.

I thought I could have used that snowflake for my dollhouse, but now I realised that it's big! In the scale 1:12, it cannot be used as a little doily either, because the pattern has a lot of open space... I should find another home for it!


Tuesday, 16 July 2019

the "letter e" edging

The sitting room is almost finished, it needs only minor things to be added, then I'll show you a full picture.
The edging you see in my hands has been used to frame the scene, it's about one meter, it's finished now and already glued on.

Thread is ecrù, size 60 DMC Cordonnet Special. Pattern is from Priscilla #3, figure 30 at page 9.
Rings are all 5 picots separated by 2ds, while chains are all 3-2-2-2-2-3. Tat the ring joining it to the second last chain, then the chain, lock join to the picot in the ring and reverse work, switching shuttles. Continue with chain-ring-chain, lock join, switch shuttles and repeat.

I find this edging very fun, it is like a sequence of letters "e", one up and one down. It's a nice variation of the simple rings-and-chains edging, with all "e" in the handwriting position.

Did you know that the letter "e" is the most commonly used letter in many languages? In spite of that, I've learnt that a French author in 1969 wrote a book that is a sort of game, the title is "La disparition", and what disappears is the letter e! In the whole book there isn't a word with the letter e! The incredible thing is that the book has been translated in many languages with the same intent, I should find the Italian version, because I'm really curious now!

I tatted a simple line of rings for the little chair with a size 100 cotton thread (Anchor Artiste Mercer Crochet 100), all rings are 3 picots separated by 3ds, leaving a short bare thread space between rings, you can find the pattern in Priscilla #1 and in Priscilla #3, too. There's a lovely description: "This is the simple edging our grandmothers made, and it is very dainty when made with fine thread and used on the edge of footing to trim handkerchiefs..." Well, it's very dainty also around the chair, isn't it?


Tuesday, 9 July 2019

the music of tatting

Is the shuttle a musical instrument?

Lately, I've bought two spools of silk, that is produced not far from where I live.
I had tatted with silk before, but it was raw silk, that I washed myself, I was not completely satisfied because it was sort of fluffy and picots' effect was that the thread wanted to open like a fan.
Not this one!
It is beautiful, twisted and shining... and I discovered that twisted silk can be magical!

For once I was tatting alone at home, without TV, sons, in complete silence, I heard a sound that resembled a violin! At first I  couldn't understand the source.
It was the music produced by the silk, while I was pulling the tiny thread in and out of the ring!

I made up the pattern for the little doily. It was a sort of "tat it and see" but without Mrs. Jane who's got your back! I had to retro tat a couple of times, I also could reopen two rings, I'm really surprised how easy it was!

It's a very very tiny thread. Measuring it with my own "gauge", I could tat 20 ds to reach one centimetre,  it is a lot thinner than a size 100 cotton, that only need 15 or 16 ds for one centimetre of tatting!
I talked about my personal tatting gauge here:

Well, I think that for now on, if someone asks me, I can affirm without any doubt that tatting is like playing music!

That silk is produced by "Tecnoseta srl", in Zagarolo (it is a city near Rome, they have an email:
It is a twisted silk, technically they call that "twisted 2/3 T6", but don't ask me what does it mean!


Tuesday, 2 July 2019

tailor's room

That has already been given away to one of my aunts. She (and my mum too) has been sewing clothes for all the family for all her life. She's also been a painter, the miniature picture I put into the room box, it is one of her own painting, I took a shot and printed a very very little picture.
I used the line of split rings to frame it, thread is dmc ecrù, size 40.

It happened that my brother gifted me a kit for making a tailor's room box, about the same time I had already started collecting miniature furniture and met "Dalì L'Artista" (the lady that decorates the shuttles).
Dalì helped me making that little beauty. But now I've many remnants from the kit, maybe for another room, I'll ask her help again!

In Italian there's only a vowel to difference between a man and a woman that sews ("sarto" and "sarta"), but in English I found that there are two different words. So, I asked and Mr.Google answered... what is the difference between a seamstress and a tailor?

Of course, it could not miss the tatting!
For the drawer in the left corner, I used little roses (Jeanne Lugert's pattern, modified, thread is dmc size 80) and a tiny doily tatted with sewing thread:
Making dollhouse boxes is addictive, just like tatting. My other WIPs are temporarily on hold because now I'm fully devoted to another room box, I'll tell you...


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.