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Friday, 24 May 2019

a bunch of gifts

It's a long way by train, from where I live to the place the Italian Tatting meeting was held. Time was just what I needed to finally finish this gift for a dear friend:
 The beautiful scene is not completely my own work, I've been helped by Dali L'artista, the same lady that decorates the lovely shuttles that lately are in my pictures.

At the meeting, we also had gifts' exchange, which was not planned and was a nice surprise! Tatters are all very generous people!

Here it is a bunch made with Italian sugared almonds, a gift made by Paola Bevilacqua, she posted other pics in Facebook:
 (Can you spot the little tatted butterfly? 🥰)

Then, Stefania Di Cesare gave me a couple of her handmade paper roses, they are so realistic-looking that I dully kept on touching them to assure myself that it was paper!
She has handmade all bunches of roses gave to the tatting context winners.

All participants were given samples of Edda Guastalla's thread, but I couldn't resist and bought many other spools for little presents for my bobbin lace's friends, and of course also a bunch of self-gifts for filling my own stash:
The first two spools are already on the shuttles, I started a bracelet, anyway what else I could tat? 😂

But I've heard you wondering "Where are the doilies that you'd started before the meeting?" Well, that's my question, too. Did they get lost long the way to Rimini, or on the way back? Are they playing hide and seek here at home? Hmmm...


Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Postcard from Rimini

Good time flies and the wonderful weekend spent in Viserba near Rimini, for the First Italian Tatting Meeting, flew indeed!

It's a great experience, that enriches the soul! And I'd never seen more than three tatters in a room, before! We were a lot!

I took my tatting there, too. The glass showcase was very big, compared to the size of my tatting! Thanks to Stefania Di Cesare, our sweet host, and her family.

Edda Guastalla was there, too. She took her beautiful tatting and tons of thread, of course I bought it! Every tatter in the world has already tried her threads, her Facebook page is the well known "Fili & Gioielli a chiacchierino".

There are many pictures on Facebook, which actually I'm using for this post, but I took only one or two! I was busy tatting and chatting!

The ladies who came, also took their lace, so we had a lot of wows and compliments to share!

During the meeting, we organized short courses, Edda taught her many ways to tat ice drops, while I offered the opportunity to learn the treble tatting stitch.

That is Edda with three of her students...

And here's me, near two very experienced tatters... I felt shy while teaching to those ladies, who - I know - make amazing things with their hands! All five "students" made it and enjoyed the whole process.
Thanks to everyone, teaching is always a "giving and receiving" experience 💕

We missed Daniela Ambrosini, who was supposed to come, but she didn't.  She sent her parure and Stefania held a raffle to win it.

The next is a beautiful necklace, designed and tatted by Stefania. She also makes amazing roses with paper, I'm blessed that she gave me two of her roses, they look real! There are many pictures in her page "P&D Original Design" in Facebook.

The last, is a beautiful postcard from Rimini, Stefania is the charming lady weaving from the balcony, wearing her own necklace:

I hope that this wonderful experience may be organised again, next year. We all need to know that tatting is appreciated and alive, a lace that, like all others amazing kind of lace, should be far from being called a minor art!


Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

a pink ribbon for Rimini

My Facebook's friends already know that I involved tatters in a special project, for the event "First Italian Tatting Meeting", to be held in Rimini, 17-19 May.

(On the right, the pattern is by Muskaan,

In the Facebook group "Chiacchierino: Filo, Amore e Fantasia" , I suggested to tat a little pink awareness ribbon, that would be taken to Rimini and left there as a present/reminder of the event, to the organiser Mrs Stefania Di Cesare ("P&D Original Design").

Why the pink ribbon choice? By chance, Meeting's weekend is the same chosen by Komen Italia for the "Race for the cure", an international event to raise awareness (and money) for the breast cancer disease, the organisation for Italy is

I've had the permission to use, for our public event, the pattern "Ring & Chain Tatted Awareness Ribbon" © Lenore English, 2001, that is free online at this address:

In case tatters can't attend the meeting in Rimini, they would post their pictures in the Facebook group.

It can be easy tatted also by beginners and very fast. I hope that this project will be accepted and the pattern liked.

I drew a visual pattern, with text in Italian:

Thank you very much in advance to every tatter.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019


Cedronella is the Italian name of a yellow butterfly, so I called my tiny tatted butterfly after the real one:
Thread is Anchor, size 70, it is very soft, but it is thin like the DMC size 80.

Pattern is fast and easy: one shuttle and 5 rings. I finger tatted the second side of the last split ring.
Start from the upper right wing, leaving a long tail (about 10cm).
Ring1: 9ds, 5tds, very small picot, 1ds.

Then tat the bottom right wing:
Ring2: 6ds, join, like in the ANKARS down join, the hidden picot between the 3rd and 4th tds of previous ring, then 7ds, picot, 2ds, picot, 6ds.

The pattern continues with another ring:
Ring3: 6ds, join last picot in Ring2, 2ds, picot, 7ds, picot, 6ds.

The last ring is the upper right wing:
Ring4: 1ds, 2tds, TJ (treble join) to the last picot of Ring3, 3tds, very small picot, 9ds.

Finish with the "head", that is:
Split ring: 4ds/4ds.
Cut ends, that become antennas.


Tuesday, 2 April 2019

it's true! - first Italian tatting meeting

I'm very happy to tell you that, on Saturday 18 May (and maybe also on 19 May), I will teach the treble tatting stitch technique during the "First Italian Chiacchierino Meeting" (first ever!), at the Hotel Crown, Viserba di Rimini, Italy.

At the event there will be other great classes, being held by master tatters: Stefania Di Cesare, Edda Guastalla, Daniela Ambrosini. There will be also classes with "Dali L'artista", an artist who decorates shuttles.
Details can be found in Facebook, at this link:

In case you're not in Facebook, I'll try to keep you updated.

A contest is already started, connected to the meeting, it's jointly organised in two groups, everybody can participate even if unable to travel to Rimini. Details are in those groups and also in a new page named "Chiacchierino italiano: curiosità, eventi e manifestazioni sul territorio".

It will be a wonderful tatting party!

I've been studying for that event and I've already prepared a little booklet - in Italian, of course - that will be used as a reference during my class, there are 6 patterns with variations (there's one pattern that won't be shared elsewhere).

In the picture, there are 3 shuttles decorated by "Dalì L'artista", who is a sweet lady, it's a pleasure to get to know her in person. She has a profile in Facebook, too. She's teaching me how to make stencils and also she's helping me in making the dollhouse's project.

If you're wondering what I'm tatting in this moment, well, I've 3 projects started. I'd like having one of those finished in time for Rimini, at least one, but lately I'm very slow at tatting! It seems I've been on facebook too much!

I can barely wait!


Monday, 25 March 2019

temporarily out

I'm not disappearing from the blogsphere, I'm only temporarily out for fun...


Thank you very much for all your nice comments.