Friday, 22 July 2016

pain and no gain

Not my usual post, sorry there isn't new tatting to show. I've had a stiff neck for days, I'm definitely too young to call it cervical arthritis, and I'm confident that calling it simply "stiff neck", tomorrow or the day after, I feel good. That said, I can't do chores and I can't stay up late tatting and even if now I've got abundant dmc Special Dentelles size 80 white and green, I'm still at half of round 15 of WIOSNA2016 (designed by Renulek).

Now to the second pain... I fulfil many italian stereotypes, but not the "cooking mama" - but I have to cook. This morning I opted to put in the oven courgettes and aubergines, I simply slice them up and put in a baking tray, when they're cooked I flavour with salt, oil, sometimes capers, sometimes fresh basil. I bet you already guessed: I cut myself - in a point of my right thumb that is perfectly centered by the thread during each back and forth movement done by the shuttle (slip and slide way -- thank you for the pdf Mrs Jane!). Of course, a bloody cut is incompatible with B5200 bright white.

Plan B for the afternoon: test tatting a doodle from my notebook, 

... with a dark green thread, stain-resistant. I started and the pattern's working, but that cut insisted that I had to change hobby. So I took out the sewing machine and produced a little shoulder bag, to replace my old one.

Just few last words, not all my afternoons are so fun, the stiff neck won't last long.

When I post again, it will be August, already.

(Uf) Widerluege/Ciao/Tschüss

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

mother tongue?

I'm really happy with WIOSNA2016, what a lovely and relaxing pattern, thank you very much Renulek! I understood that there will be at least 2 more rounds (round 15 has been already posted in her blog). I finished round 14 and also finished all 3 little balls of dmc size 80 thread, I've only an armful of each colour. So I "had" to do shopping, I'm waiting for the postman with the thread and I'm already distracted thinking about that feared moment: "what to do next?"

I've mentioned that I received as a gift the last issue of Mani di Fata - "Il Lavoro Chiacchierino #19"-. There are some lovely doilies and one captured my curiosity because it starts with a little squared motif with block tatting, already seen in a previous pubblication. The square is surrounded by a tatted frame, with block tatting, too, then many squares are tatted around in a rectangular shape and everything is finished with a lovely matching edging. Actually, just before lunch, I was determined to tat it!

I'm sure, that was not due to my indigestion, nor to the hot weather. I started after lunch trying to understand the pattern, only text, and spent over an hour on it. I earned a big headache, lots of jottings and some text still to be read. I thought I knew a little about tatting - and Italian, sigh! - but I can say that reading our dear old Aunt Priscilla was way too easier than this, or even that old German book by Tina Frauberger (Schiffchenspitze 1921)!! Mother tongue? I supposed being Italian...

That's not relaxing tatting, I can't spend an hour only to read a pattern, that is what can lead a lovely and enjoyable lace art to the oblivion. I had my drawing eventually, at least for the edging. With a modern textual notation it looks very easy. But - my dear tatters, I know when throwing in the towel!

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Friday, 8 July 2016

where's the yellow gone?

Puff! Disappeared! An entire ball of DMC Special Dentelles size 80 yellow (colour 744)!

Ok, I know they are very high quality but low quantity: they are only 5gr. balls. DMC says they are 90 m. of thread, I trust them, never measured! I can wind my tiny shuttles 3 times (full capacity) with one ball.  Also, I almost finished the white B5200. The 13th row is all green then! (colour 471)!

It may be useful to know, that dmc has 3 hues for the white, my favourite is B5200, the bright white.

I love this pattern, fast and easy, thank you so much Renata!

Hasta luego (see you soon)
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Friday, 1 July 2016

oh sugar sugar!

That's just a joke: I posted a pic in my FB page of some squares made with a sugar paste (I used a silicone mold), it's the so called "sweet lace" - also in Italian -, and I found a mold that looks like a tatted square! Who commented laughed a lot, and I did the same, even someone asked for a pattern!

So, why not? Just to have fun, I drew a square, then tatted it with white dmc size 70, and it's almost like the sugar! 
Oh, Sugar, Sugar! It's been since Tuesday that I've in mind that melody and can't help myself, I have to whistle!

Here you are the sugar squares to be compared with it. Truth be told, I don't think that my tatting came out like the mold... especially because one took so long to be ready (about 2 hours), while the sugar paste was very collaborative and I had 24 in one hour!!

The centre is a round of little rings 3-3. I used a pin as an helper, I did the same in the tricky flower in the centre of Renulek's WIOSNA2016. Last ring was a split ring.
That let me climb to the next round with another SR. This is the second round finished:

And this is the third round finished, with a different background:

... I almost forget to show you a gift just received from one of my beloved aunts:
Mani di Fata - "Il Lavoro Chiacchierino #19". There's their usual traditional tatting (a tablecloth, a dozen white doilies, also attached to linen) but this time they put free-form tatting (there's a lovely picture with 2 birds on a branch) and separate written instructions for needle-tatters. Very few schematics (visual patterns) but that's good, they used to have only written instruction. Just as curiosity, one rectangular doily has squared motifs that are the same found in another old pubblication I got, there used as edging's corner, here arranged in a beautiful way, I'll tell you more about it!

Do vasidenia.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

still spring

Renulek's Wiosna2016.

Thread is dmc size 80, B5200 bright white, yellow(744) and green(471).

See ya later
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Friday, 24 June 2016

interlocking since 1869

Well, not me, of course! Learn about it here

Rings has been interlocked by tatters for a long time, but I don't know when they started to interlock split rings. In case you have any info, please be so kind to leave me a comment, it's always nice to learn a bit of  tatting history.
I first discovered interlocking rings in 2010, when I found a page at, but it is no more available. About interlocking split rings in the way described here, like a watch chain, last year I found them by chance but then I learnt that I was re-discovering the wheel again... ha ha ha!!!

There's really few differences between 3 methods I've learnt for tatting a soft chain mail of interlocking split rings.
They look all the same, don't they?
I used white thread in SH1 and yellow in SH2.

The method 1 in picture is showed in a video by Karen Cabrera (
frivolite-tatting lesson 78 - anillos divididos entrelazados - interlocking split rings 1
There's a bare yellow thread pointed by the blue arrow, that's because I prefer leaving a playing space for rings in the chain, on both threads, just my choice.
The SH1 shuttle passes through the loop only one time, from back to front.

The method 2 in picture is almost the same, but rings overlap differently.

As you see, now it's visible (? - at least I see it ^_^ )  a white bare thread.
I found this is easier for me, because I almost close the loop of the first SR, then first I put around the hand the loop for the second SR and then I close the first SR, leaving the second loop in position.
In this case I passed through the loop with SH1 shuttle, two times from front to back. 

The third method is very similar to what has been showed by Kathy Niklewicz for tatting her interlocking rings, here:
(The bare yellow thread again, like in method 1, but now there's also a white bare thread like in 2!)

This is my favourite method, in fact I can always forget to post the shuttle inside any loop before closing! Poor me, absent minded tatter!

Anyway, who cares the method, with a tiny metallic size 70 thread?

There are at least two other methods for the "tatted watch chain" that I love, even they are not interlocking split rings, but they looks really like that. One is a charming chainmail finger tatted by Teri Dusenbury, it is explained here: . Another clever chainmail was tatted by Jane McLellan, using one shuttle and only rings, here: .

You see, I didn't do much tatting lately, but I progress with the Bosa's lace, it's almost done!

selamat tinggal
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Thank you very much for all your nice comments.