Friday, 20 January 2017


I'm going to put a better picture in Flickr.

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Friday, 6 January 2017


That's the time good resolutions for the new year spread all around, but today I just like posting about hopes of peace. I think that love is important in our lives, but mostly I hope at least the peace for everyone.

Today we celebrate the Befana, the same day of Epiphany that I learnt it is the most ancient Christian feast. The old ugly woman gives gifts to good children and those who didn't behave would have coal instead 😲 (but some pieces of really good black sugar is sold! You sweet tooth may want to google for "sugar coal").

I hope you had relaxing holidays and for those who had to cook/clean/host, I hope you enjoyed your families and friends too. I've been visiting relatives and friends and had few time for tatting. I spent most of the tatting time for playing again with bugle beads, those are more "snowflakes", well they would have been snowflakes if tatted in white!

Ah! One good resolution could be tatting more of these for next year xmas' gifts!

The next one is the adaptation of a squared pattern that is from a booklet "Selezione Tricot - Il Chiacchierino", 1990.
I hope you'll make numbers out in the next picture. I started with the inner row with block tatting, then climbed up to the round with rings and chains, then finished with the row all chains.
I also tatted a pair of big black earring, it is for a gift, pattern and colour was chosen by my friend. Pattern is from the magazine "Il mio chiacchierino" Aprile/Maggio 2014 (patterns are by Daniela Di Marzio and Alda Bonaldi Bodini). I find black very difficult to tat, but I do hope in 2017 to use up the big cone that I bought!
But first, I should finish the Falbalà doily and start the Priscilla edging. I hope so.

P.S. I nearly forgot to say thank you to Karen who just put a video about those curled inside rings: Lesson 165 - Curled-in rings. Thank you sweet Karen! My original post is here:

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Friday, 30 December 2016

and there's still time

I'm quite sure you've already noticed the countdown I put up there before the title, if you click on it you'll be redirected to the site where I've got(obtained) the code to be inserted in the blog. Nice, isn't it?

That's to say Happy New Year to you all, may the New Year bring health, peace and joy in your lives with your beloved families. I wish you the time for your doings and thinking, not only for yourself, but also to give away. I wish you the time - not to hastle and run, but the time to know how to be contented...(click the picture to read more)

"I wish you the time"
"I wish you the time" by Elli Michler (German lyricist)
And I wish you the time for tatting, of course!

There's still time till the end of this year, for tatting a few more of these:
Pattern is in previous post.
Sometimes it's only a matter of time and of a bit of patience:

Felice Anno Nuovo!

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Friday, 23 December 2016


I wish you all a "sbrilluccicante" Christmas time! This pattern is my xmas gift for you all, I hope you like it!

That's an Italian word, it means shiny and bright and glittering and sparkling... Treccani Vocabolary says: "sbrilluccicare: (verb) shine at times, with rapid intermittent flashes of light".
I also found a site that helps with pronunciation:

That's the word that I like pronouncing while looking at this:

Well, better looking at the whole thing:

Pattern is in 3 rounds, tatted with 2 shuttles CTM, it could be done in one pass, granted that 1ds is tatted like it's done in a split chain. I loaded 36 bugle beads in each shuttle.

Block tatting explained by Jane Eborall:

Center is tatted as though you do block tatting, I started with a paper clip, 1ds, a bugle bead (BB) and that's to have the thread ready for next round.

Each one of the 6 blocks is (starting from left): [1ds, short picot (*), 1ds, BB, 1ds; (lock join to picot in previous #, except that this is one picot at the very first block) 1 reverse stitch (=rs), short picot (#), 1rs, BB, 1rs, normal join to (*).] Repeat one more time.
At inner corners, I substituted the second (#) picot with a lock join to previous block. In the last block, the (#) is locked to the left picot in the very first block.
Pointed sections: 1d, BB, 1ds, picot, 1ds, BB and restart the block.

Second round:
- leave a mock picot, then for 5 times: [ 1ds, BB, 1ds, split ring:( 2 BB in the hand loop, 1ds, slide one BB from the shuttle then tat 1ds, picot, 1ds, then slide another BB from the shuttle and tat 1ds; for the second side of the split ring, tat 1ds, get one bead from the loop, 2ds, get the second BB and finish with 1ds. Close the split ring), 1ds, BB, 1ds, lock join to next pointed element of previous round].
- last element: 1ds, BB, 1ds, split ring:( 3 BB in the hand loop, 1ds, slide one BB from the shuttle then tat 1ds; for the second side of the split ring, tat 1ds, get one bead from the loop, 2ds, get the second bead and 1ds. With this same second shuttle: slide one BB in position, lock join to the starting point of this round, come back to the left of the BB and tat 1ds like you would do it in a split chain. Back to the split ring and tat 1ds, get the third BB from the loop and finish with 1ds. Close the split ring).

Third round: climb with a split ring 6d/6ds; then rings are all 6ds,join to previous round,6ds; chains are all 14ds. Pattern is easily adaptable, extending the chains' length, if necessary. Look at the next picture for reference:

Till now I've tatted 3 of these. They are not fast tatting but very sparkling!

Buon Natale!

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Friday, 16 December 2016

irregular geometry

There are a couple of patterns with bugle beads that I like a lot, one is a bracelet by Sue here:
The other one is a snowflake by Frivole, "Ice Queen" ( via Etsy ).

I've got many bugle beads and I've often tried to use them in tatting, but those which I got are very irregular in size. I think that the pattern I've been using for the bracelets in last post is effective, because in some way it hides/alters the irregularity and draws the attention to the shape/geometry.

I've been trying something similar, keeping the pattern similar to the bracelet, where I put segments of  1ds, 1bead, 1ds, while in corners I tatted 1ds, 1picot, 1ds, so that I could use the picots for later joins.
That's only a prototype to be further embellished.

Then the box's just opened, there are more and more possibilities:
Those motifs can be used as xmas ornaments, maybe with some more tatting around, for example like this next one:

I'll play again with the concept, I like the effect and I must empty my beads' stash otherwise I won't let me buying more beads... perhaps, for this year, at least.

Looking for more tatting patterns with bugle beads, I've just found a very inspiring site about beading,, the Christmas Tree Earrings with superduo beads are terrific, I added the link in the sidebar here for you to enjoy.

( )
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