Thursday, 26 November 2015

a thread about

One of my latest purchases it is a gold metallic thread that friends suggested as a good quality and feasible for tatting.
It is Finca light gold (Hilo Metalizado, 1000mts, Presencia Hilaturas), double strand, 35% Polyester and 65% Viscose, about the same composition of a dmc gold metallic 282 that it is a 3 strands twisted together - on my spool it's reported 65% Rayon, 35% Polyester. As far as I understood, rayon and viscose are both synthetic fibres, quite the same fibre then, the difference it is in the processing technique.

Of course the size is different: while dmc 282 is like a size 70, this Finca is like a size 80 or even less. Moreover, it looks "less gold" than the dmc and it breaks easily.

So I screened out the possibility of tatting with one strand only.

I started some tests:
(1) one strand and the cotton Special Dentelles yellow colour n.744 size 80 (that together are like a single size 50),
(2) one strand and a 100% Polyester white sewing thread,
(3) two strands,
(4) two strands and a 100% Rayon gold thread Miyuki used for beading


Pattern for the bracelet:
··: = three beads 'up' (on the picot) one bead 'down' (on the shuttle thread)
Start with a ring of 8 ds, I use this ring to attach the lobster clasp hook.
SR (string 4 beads in the loop): 6 ··: 6 / 6 ··: 6 close
Make as many split rings as required for your wrist.
Finish with a normal ring, 12 ds, in which I usually hide both ends, as I learned this method by Miranda:


Only my opinion, but I like how the (1) turned out, the cotton adds strength and the metallic broke only once in the bracelet length. In a second bracelet, it never broke that means that also the tatter needed exercise!

Conclusion: pretty good for tatting to add a sparkle, far cheaper than dmc, not as gold though... but I've bought 1000 meters, I better use it!


Monday, 23 November 2015

half way

That's the connection round I was looking for, now I have 48 picots, good enough for a nice hexagonal shape.

Not at the first attempt, though...

Truth be told, I don't know what to do next, because I thought I would have added around sort of trees and stars, no more so convinced now. I'm considering another round with red and green with the gripped chain or a round of stars similar to the center.

But in the meantime I had a lot of distractions: the fringe by Corina, the old motif embellished with small curled rings, a tiny tree design (a flop, that absolutely needs a revision), a chubby angel (he knows how it's difficult to go on a diet just a month before Christmas) and a new -for me - gold metallic thread to be tested.


Thursday, 19 November 2015

old and curled

(curled - not curved!)
That is not an original design, but a modified vintage pattern, motif n.66 in the issue n.1 of "Il lavoro chiacchierino" by Mani di Fata.

That is the photocopied page of the magazine, no more available, as far as I know.

I inserted a small curled ring in each ring of the original pattern, I'm glad of the result. I like those colours too, one thread is Lizbeth col. 154, the second is a dmc blue col. 798. Both are size 80.

The link below - if you like - points to a review by Georgia Seitz about the Italian magazine. Unfortunately I haven't an original copy of the number one, but only photocopies. If anyone has a chance to find it at their home, it would be very nice to have it scanned and donated to the Antique Patterns Library site.


Monday, 16 November 2015

tempting fringe

That is the fringe that tempted me:
Thank you Corina!

The tiny tree pattern is just a support for the fringe and for those nice "O beads" that I bought last Sunday at the fair. It's very little and its place is right on a greeting card. Already sent out. Too early?

I used to be prepared in time, buying commemorative postage stamps, but not now, no more. It's been some years that it's not happening, I started sending sms, e-mails, fb messages and forgot greeting's cards.


Thursday, 12 November 2015

8 times 3

... equals 6 times 4. I'm not going crazy, I just think that I'd reach 24 "tra-la-la" before starting a hexagonal shape. 24 rings? picots? trefoil? How can I do it?

In the meantime I calculate, I'm browsing my new book, received this week from FrivoLenka (, she sent also those beautiful tatted motifs - her tatting is beautiful indeed! Thank you very much Lenka!
The book is "Frivolitky" by Milena Tomkova.


Monday, 9 November 2015

trallallero trallallà

OK, you've just noted the Italian title but the oxford dictionary online translates it tra-la-la, perfectly clear that a no-sense word has a no-sense translation.
It's used in rhymes/songs to sing parts that you've never learnt by heart.

I wish I had some trallallero trallallà for the next round of that doily, as I have an idea (vague indeed) for the rest but I need a sort of connection-round to switch from 8 points to 6 (that is from an octagonal to hexagonal shape)

But trallallero is also a way to express happiness, that was my feeling yesterday while visiting "Abilmente Roma", a so well known trade fair here, but also a big exposition of lace of different types and whatever else that could be called handmade.

Of course I did shopping.
I said it: trallallero trallallà!


Thursday, 5 November 2015

the day after

Always the same: a project has been finished and just a day after you're wondering what to do (blatantly ignoring all UFOs in the bag).

By chance, there's already something red&green started and a gold thread loaded on a shuttle. Christmas is coming soon, isn't it?

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