Tuesday, 9 February 2016

desire to knit

Thank you very much for your nice comments in last post about the beaded bracelet. I think it'd be nice tatting a second one and giving that as a gift, if only I had more mini beads! I've bought a 10gr. packet and they are almost gone, not sufficient for another bracelet. Then I've been getting sick of the tatter's block! In the last couple of days I've had an insane desire to knit, hoping that would have grown my wrist's muscle -- as per your suggestion ;-P --, but it didn't work ...

That is a super-easy knitting pattern, sorry I'm not familiar with knitting terms in English, so asked google for help and I've found this link:
I'm making one knit stitch and one purl stitch, alternated, one meter and half scarf, then I will knit in the same way a rectangular piece, sew it to the scarf in the back and under arms to obtain a sort of shrug. My wrist is in a pain, I'm warming up radiators instead of having a new shrug and coming back to tatting soon! In that picture there's the last (maybe) round of the orange doily.

That's the pattern for the miniduo bracelet:

Tools: a gauge of 1cm wide (or 0.4 inch), used horizontally;
a thin wire, folded, to be used as a needle.
The 2 strands wound together are dmc E703 and dmc special dentelles colour num. 94. They are very similar to a single size 50 thread. Miniduo beads are 2x4mm, normal glass beads are Gutermann rocailles 11/o.
Load CTM 2 shuttles, putting in SH1 - for each split ring - 4 normal rounded glass beads and 2 miniduo beads, then in SH2 - for each split ring - 2 miniduo beads.

From now on, MD will stand for "miniduo bead", and NB for "normal rounded bead".

The lenght is up to you. Start with a normal ring of 12 ds, close. With SH1 start a split ring, putting 2 MD plus 2 NB inside the loop around the hand. Tat 4ds, then slip 2 MD in place of a picot, 2 NB from the shuttle and tat 4ds. Tat the second part of the split ring: 4ds, let 2 MD in the picot's place and slide the 2 NB in place under those MDs, then tat another 4ds and close the split ring.
I finished the line of split rings with a normal ring of 10ds.

The second part around the line of split rings starts fastening the thread at the base of the first normal ring. You'd have two shuttles loaded CTM, where you put in SH1 the MDs (2 for each split ring you have) and in SH2 the NBs (2 for each split ring you have).

(*) Start a chain 2ds, then a little ring 2ds-long picot-2ds. Use always the picot's gauge of 1cm, horizontally. Then a chain 8ds, slip a MD from SH1 and tat 4ds.
(**) Start a ring with SH1: 2ds; using a thin wire as an helper, fold it and grab the long picot through the MD holes, the 2 from the line of split rings and the new one inserted in last chain, join and continue the ring with 2ds-long picot-2ds.
Put a NB from SH2, chain 4ds, slip a MD from SH1 and tat 4ds. repeat from (**).

Turning to the opposite side: after slipping the last MD tat 8ds, a ring 2ds, join the last long picot through the MD beads, 2ds. Repeat from (*).


Friday, 5 February 2016


I faulted in the size, I've been generous with split rings and that's the result. Time (and split rings) flies when you're having fun!
That's supposed to be for me, but it's a bit loose fitting.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

mini loveliness

Do you remember those miniduo beads I've got? I found many beautiful beading projects and bookmarked some sites either, then started a new bracelet with a dmc polyester thread doubled with dmc size 80. Beads have been all strung. My little shuttles are not very appropriate but I managed to have 44 minibeads (and some rocailles) strung in each shuttle.

It's still unfinished, here is a glimpse:

I found two videos that help to get the differences between this kind of beads with two holes:

Superduo vs Twin beads:

Superduo vs Miniduo beads:
It's less than half bracelet... but already I love it!


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

a tiny project

Even a tiny project must have and idea behind, needs a little research, drawings (with pencil or an app) and asks for some prototypes. Last Tuesday, during the Online Tatting Designers Class, we were asked to start a new project, maybe this is too little and only a week it's a short time but it's helped me to understand where I need to improve.

The rough idea: use up some tiny superduo I love, I want a new pair of earrings!
They are Czech glass beads, "Miniduo 2x4 mm - Opaque Champagne Luster", like the superduo but smaller in size, in fact superduo are 2,5x5mm. I bought them last October at the craft fair in Rome. I've already used superduo with tatting, back in 2014, there's also a tutorial for a small square: (the link is also in the page "Tutorials in this blog" from the menu bar).
The research: I found many awesome beading projects with superduo, but nothing combined with tatting. Let me know if any of you found something like that, I'd like to see it. I found (via Pinterest) an awesome blog, full of beautiful projects: , but it's all about beads and beading. I've added a new link list at the left sidebar, "Inspirations", that is a list of non-tatting sites that I like.

The sketch: I usually mess up drawings and technical solutions, there's a lot of confusion there but a least one corner in the page of the notebook contains my best possibility. I should learn how to better organise my drawings, I've improved passing from loose papers to a notebook, but I've kept the bad way to scribble all over pages.

The prototype: usually 2 or 3, a good prototype is a good start for the final pattern. At this point I learn if there's the need of more or less joins, more or less beads, or the thread (type or colour) must be changed. That metallic gold  thread helped me to understand if it can work as an earring. Have you a magnifying glass handy? I forgot to write down all stitches' counts!


Friday, 22 January 2016

far far away

I'm far away from a little shawl's size, that one yellow in the pic it is a square (it's folded in half) about 70x70 cm, my triangle today has its long side about 30cm.

Prediction? it's another long run project, like the Sardinian Filet, that I started in October and hope it will be ready in one year. Which one is going to be finished first? the shawl or the filet?

I visualise the pattern like a series of triangles, it grows a triangle at a time, then the size doubles when you pass from a triangular shape to the next triangular shape.


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

dirty, already!

White and silk it's not a wise choice, it's already dirty, despite I always wash my hands before picking it up.
I like it and the pattern it's demanding but very addictive, I haven't tatted anything else in 5 days.

The dotted line is the growing direction for the pattern, it grows one triangle at a time, but at the end of every triangle I should decide what to do: the next triangle will double the size (and the time to tat it!). I'm lucky, very few mistakes till now.

Do you imagine that with some layered flowers? And a fringe with little shining beads? They can be added later, there's a ton of tatting to do before I reach a little shawl's size!

The idea of layered flowers come to me from a lace that I absolutely love, the Venetian needle lace, but I can't do it. When we went to Venezia, last summer, we didn't go to Burano (it's an hour from Venezia) for lack of time but I bought a booklet with a bit of that lace history and many pictures. I visited  Burano in 1995, at least I managed to go there once! I've had some opportunities to see the lace in person, for example last year in Zagarolo (I talked about it here in the blog: I remember there is a piece also in Modena (north Italy) at the "Palazzo dei Musei" (a building from XVII c. that is itself a piece of art). I also bought a catalog there, many years ago (I found a review of that: In fact in Modena there's a unique collection with many cut pieces of handmade lace and fabric, collected during the second half of 1800, when the industry started to compete with artisans in patterns and techniques. Many fragments are clearly cut by scissors because industry owners used to exchange samples. If I remeber well, and I should check again into the catalog, just to be sure, there is no one piece of tatting.

I'm so sorry that the picture of the back cover of the booklet it's not as clear as I hoped!

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Thank you very much for all your nice comments.