Tuesday, 29 July 2014

doily of interest

Doilies that the government considers irrelevant, we don't!

And now to the last round!


Saturday, 26 July 2014

an aunt is a treasure

We went to visit relatives of my hubby this week. I've adorable aunts, not less than my hubby has. I felt like a child when she said "Hey, I'll be back in a moment, there's something that you should have...". Do you believe? That collar is nearly 100 years old, it was a present from her aunt. From an aunt to another, this little treasure came to me! It used to be put on black or blue dresses, that was appropriate for aged women, but with a little frivolous flashy accent! There are 14 repetitions of a square, then a connection finishing round, a very simple pattern. what seems like a SCMR, really it's not, it is a ring made with sh1, in fact I suppose this was tatted with one shuttle and the ball. The side to be attached to the neck is finished with a single crochet row. If you like it, I could post the pattern. Anyway, if someone recognize the pattern, please tell me.

Then I showed her my mystery doily, saying that I didn't follow the pattern and it isn't perfect, ruffling a lot because I continued to experiment variations. You should remember that I followed Reynolds' pattern with a different stitch count, proportionally one third bigger. But I liked those big holes, so for the fourth round I followed the indications by Pat Dowden. The doily was ruffling a little in third round, but it was nothing, compared to the fourth!!! Buhhh!!!

She - the wise aunt - simply said that everybody can copy, the authentic artisan makes experiments all the time. That made my day, I turned from sad to more confident, and decided to think as it was one of my doily: I laid it on the table and changed again the rings' repetitions on each cluster. It's working, I hope to show you the fifth round completed as soon as I can.

Many many thanks to Lee Theresa, a Korean tatter who has been so nice to introduce my blog here: http://2sunb.blog.me/220072168763


Friday, 18 July 2014


I'm puzzled. I won't post again till the end of the next round. Will the ruffle disappear? Will I give up?
One never knows ...


I  forgot to say that the meeting of lacemakers last week was great! I gave away about 10 little butterflies that means about 10 wanted to try tatting, some were children. I was waiting to have a group shot taken by a friend, but there's some photos in the facebook page of the association named "Ago filo e fuselli" (Aprilia).

Thursday, 17 July 2014


There's another useful link for this doily: it's a file prepared by Patty Dowden that could be found at this page http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art748.asp
It's very well diagrammed, I find it very easy to follow. Thanks! Wonderful!

But! The chains have a different stitch count!

Plus: I found a beautiful site by an australian tatter, another master tatter I think, who tatted the doily a dozen years ago: tattingingprogress.blogspot.it
(Sorry for the .it but I'm not sure that it's ok everywhere! Ah! Uncertainty...) Then go to her page "doilies". She writes that used 5-5 for chains...

Then I'm no more so confident on picots' size, neither. Look at the red circled part: I would have done shorter picots to give more stability. I'm not yet convinced that picots could work all of the same size. I'm not sure , but...

There's also a little ruffle in this fourth round! 
Oops, no no, it is the third!


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

ok, up to now...

I forgot to tell you the number of ds that I'm tatting in chains. All chains are the same in the 2-2-2-2 ring version of the doily, so one could reasonably think it is the same here. In this case rings are 1/3 bigger and so it should be for chains.

Chains are formed by two parts, the inner  part is 6-6 ds, with a vsp.  Then the pattern asks to reverse work and the outer part of the chain is 7-6-7, with joins and normal lenght picots. Also, picots coming from rings and supposed to be joined to a chain, should be normal picots. That worked for me, maybe it could be useful to you too.

I still don't understand well which is the right size for picots in each rings' cluster. But I'm only at the second round!

Thread is DMC cordonnet special, ecrù, size 40.


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

close shave

It's a pity to restart again, isn't it? I'm not so brave and I've also noted that I should have changed the size of picots among rings of the same cluster. About choosing between enchantment or witchcraft, in this moment I lean toward witchcraft!

Then, here I've one picot more than what I needed.
Cut the fourth picot
 Remove ds 
hide ends with the help of a needle ...
or with help of a crochet hook.

shave "whiskers"

Unfortunately, I've not yet finished to recover all flaws. That one is the very starting ring of the second round. Maybe it's better to pretend nothing happened and re-tat it again as the last ring.

Yes, I was aware of how it's easy to get wrong with this pattern, last year I followed the master tatter Fox with bated breath! (http://tat-ology.blogspot.it/2013/11/its-wrap.html)


Monday, 14 July 2014