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Tutorial shared with The Online Tatting Class:

Tutorials in this blog:
how to tat one single ring with measured picots and hide 1st and 2nd ends (magic thread method)

Bracelet with bugle beads (7mm) and superduo beads (2.5x5mm)

Mediterranean tatting diet

An angel under the tree

Romper suits for balls

Butterfly in slow motion


Forget-me-not doily


Fior di filèt

Jane's seahorse

Aunt's collar

how to get rid of one picot

Superduo tatting

how to tat big dimpled rings

DIY a shuttle from cardboard or paper

My way to add a new core thread in a chain

My way of adding a new ball thread in a chain
the last chain - ending with SSSCh
how I repaired a chain

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